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#incorrect got quotes
raeyhem · 2 months ago
Sypha: I never used to curse you made me like this
Alucard: I'm turning into Belmont. Is life even worth living?
Trevor: you two wanna kiss me so bad it's making you look stupid
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just-my-photos · 3 months ago
Obi-wan: Sometimes, when I'm tired of my kids. I just put some movies in my native language, they don't get shit. Totally confused and I just *laughing* say "I don't know guys. Seems normal to me. Maybe you just tired.". When they back from their nap, I just change the language back to basic.
Anakin: You think, it will work for the twins?
Ahsoka: Wait. Who are your kids though?
Cody: Take a guess little one.
Ahsoka: You son of..
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inoxske · 3 months ago
kirishima, standing up from the couch: okay, bye guys i have to meet fatgum today
bakugo, reading his book: bye loser
kirishima, tilting bakugos chin so he can kiss his temple: bye dork, ill be back around 8.
*kirishima, leaves*
bakugo, continuing to read: *uninterested*
everyone, staring at where kiri just was frozen in shock:
bakugo, 20 minutes later, slapping his book closed: DID HE KISS ME
kirishima, on the street with fatgum: DID I KISS HIM?
kirishima, and bakugo: WHY DIDNT I NOTICE?
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toastywarmhappyhats · 4 months ago
Raya: Namaari can you carry this box it’s really heavy 
Namaari:  *Lifting the box effortlessly* Nothing is heavier than the weight of my familial obligations 
Raya: I am now equally concerned and impressed
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heyimboredtalktome · 2 months ago
The fandom: Oh god, Hazel, sweet child, she never ever curses, we need to protect that cinnamon roll-
Also Hazel:
Tumblr media
I mean she literally said that Octavian could shove his knife up his ass and people are still like "no she never curses" say what you will I think Hazel's a rebel child
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kaito: So glad we as a culture got over ironically liking Shrek as a meme and went back to liking Shrek as a good movie
Angie: Studies show that documentaries are now more popular than ever!
Kaito: I don't give a fuck im watching Shrek
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incorrect-mha-bnha · 4 months ago
Hey yeah uhhhhhh KiriBaku crumbs anyone?
Tumblr media
Listen no one say shit about “it’s just him picking out hot sauce, it has no significance”
all I’m saying is they had to draw out and illustrate this entire scene. Which means they decided to add Crimson Riot in the screen with Bakugo. Crimson Riot who we all know is almost always a symbolism for Kirishima seems how he shows no other meaning nor significance besides when he’s presented by our favorite red head.
Hence my stance on KiriBaku crumbs. And you all can tell I’m taking no shit so let’s jump right in
“He’s coming— The star of the show.”
[Enter Bakugo riding on the hood of a car]
Needless to say that it was a group effort, each one of his peers working their asses off to get things done an yet..?
Kirishima deemed Bakugo the star of the show. The main focal point of their training. The glorified leader of their efforts despite it being a group operation.
Kirishima once again put Bakugo upon a pedestal, which means he views him as the star of the show.
If that isn’t some fruity shit idk what is.
Crumbs all around.
Also have this little thing
Tumblr media
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incorrect-genshin-impact · 3 months ago
Zhongli: You know, not every problem can be solved with a bow
Childe: That's why it’s also a sword
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