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#incorrect grishaverse
wylan-van-moonlight · a day ago
jesper: ITS DECEMBER 1ST WYLANNN- what the fu-
the house: *decked out in Christmas decorations*
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Kaz, at the slightest provocation: I came into this world screaming and covered in someone else’s blood, and I’m not afraid to leave the same way.
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milo-of-the-rails · 5 months ago
inej: you don’t want kaz to die
inej: and i don’t want kaz to die
inej: so now we gotta make sure kaz doesn’t want kaz to die.
jesper: fantastic plan but have you met kaz
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ninazenikfanatic · 4 months ago
Kaz: Jesper, come here
Kaz: **holds out his phone** Here's a picture of me and Inej, meeting her parents. Here's me smiling. And another picture of me being nervous. Oh, and another of me straightening my tie.
Jesper: **gasps** Why are you showing these to me?
Kaz: **as he deletes the pictures** Because no one will ever believe you.
Jesper: You sick son of a
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kazbrekkersdekappel · 14 days ago
Van eck: I have Inej
Kaz: No you don't. Inej is her own person
Van eck: Not like that you idiot, I'm with Inej
Kaz: Look, you can talk shit as much as you want, but I'm with Inej and I trust my wraith.
Van Eck: Holy shit- I KIDNAPPED INEJ
Kaz, laughing: SHIT, GOOD LUCK
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thesavagedaughter0627 · 6 days ago
Wylan: Kaz doesn’t like anything.
Nina: that’s simply not true.
Nina: he likes Inej.
Inej, shocked: what?
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milo-of-the-rails · 4 months ago
jesper: are you in a “i need to rest” bad mood? or a “i need to blow shit up” bad mood?
wylan, lying on the couch and clutching a bomb: i haven’t decided.
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grishaverseshitposts · 2 months ago
Nina: *without looking up from her waffles* You look really nice today, Inej.
Inej: Thank you- wait how do you know, you're not even looking?
Nina: No, but I can feel Kaz's heartbeat and it doubled when you walked in.
Kaz: *chokes*
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lokipigeonfancier · a month ago
Inej: Why are you on the floor?
Kaz: ....also I've been shot
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