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#incorrect heroes of olympus
wise-bluecookies2 days ago
Annabeth: You guys really pushed everything aside and came all this way for us? *points to Katie, Selena, and herself*
Selena: How did you guys even get here so fast?
Percy: Several traffic violations
Travis: Three counts of resisting arrest
Beckendorf: Roughly thirteen cans of energy drinks
Grover: And that鈥檚 not even our car
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sunpirate18 hours ago
Lester: As some of you may know, I took a bit of a sabbatical last year.
Meg: Do you mean when you shacked up with a slutty hairdresser but then she dumped you?
Dionysus: Child, please
Dionysus: Raise your hand if you want to ask a question
Meg: *raises hand*
Lester: Okay, I think we should all just move on
Dionysus: The hairdresser certainly did
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dorimei4 months ago
do you ever think about how all of percy鈥檚 demigod cousins absolutely do not exist on paper other than thalia and jason? like. hazel and nico are from the past, thalia was a tree, and jason was raised by wolves. that鈥檚 not even counting the fact that percy was wanted nationwide for murder and terrorism. how do they go anywhere.聽
but imagine if they got arrested聽
it would probably go somewhat like this聽
officer: so you actually don't have any paperwork so i'm just wondering if i can get in contact with one of your parents?聽
nico: literally fuck off聽
officer: it says here that you were wanted nationwide for murder and terrorism, and then you were released from those charges, could you tell me how you got released from them?聽
percy: yes i murdered the judge聽
officer: you what聽
officer: so we took your prints and they match perfectly to one of the missing children that beryl grace had聽
thalia: i burnt off my fingerprints please tell me how you got my prints聽
officer: no you didn't i have your prints right here聽
thalia: those aren't my fingerprints聽
officer: what
the fucking cops finding out that two of the people they have in custody don't exist, two of them are missing children of a dead movie star, and one of them was wanted for murder and terrorism and was a nationwide criminal
the dude would really go to his superior like聽鈥渙k so we have 5 kids here鈥 and the least confusing one was wanted for murder and terrorism but somehow got released from those charges鈥? anyways 2 don鈥檛 exist. we ran their prints, there is literally no evidence of them existing, no school papers, government ID, dental鈥 absolutely nothing. the other 2 we think are the two missing children of a movie star, we have records for the girl as late as age 7 and the boy nothing past age 3鈥.鈥
the dude interrogating them would get so tired so fast聽
officer: is it possible that i could get in contact with one of your parents?聽
percy: no聽
officer, tired of questioning these kids: okay.
jason鈥檚 probably trying to do damage control and he is. failing to say the least
percy聽and hazel cussing out the cop: you motherfucker come back here so we can beat your fucking ass-聽
jason: guys please. please stop. why.
officer: I need an actual number if you want a lawyer聽聽
nico: fuck off聽
jason: nico please stop swearing at the cops聽
thalia: no you can鈥檛 prove those are mine, they could be fake聽
jason: thalia, please stop trying to convince the cop that you don鈥檛 have fingerprints聽
jason: percy, percy please. please stop telling the cop about the judge you killed. you didn鈥檛 kill any judges聽
hazel: wanna know where you can shove your damn notepad? right up your a-聽
jason: hazel you were suppose to help me not join them please hazel
officer: what happened to your first stepfather? because it says here that he just disappeared-聽聽
percy, popping bubblegum: i killed him聽
officer: what聽
percy: you heard me
hades would send ms dodds to play lawyer again and then her and percy would really have an interaction like this
ms. dodds: i've murdered a judge before what's stopping me from killing this one聽
percy: haha same聽
ms. dodds: what聽
nico: don't look at him. don't kill the judge, my dad doesn't want to deal with the paperwork
and that鈥檚 not even counting what they have to tell the gods聽
zeus: sorry, you what?聽
thalia: okay so basically, nico kept telling the officer to fuck off and he asked for a lawyer multiple times but when the officer called the number nico gave him it wasn't a lawyer, it was a line that conner and travis set up that goes, "haha i fucked your mom" and needless to say the cop did not like that. and then percy convinced the cop that to get out of the murder and terrorism charges he murdered a judge and honestly i'm not sure if he's telling the truth or not but the cop also did not like that.聽
zeus, massaging his temples: okay. and what did you do?聽
thalia: i convinced the cop that i had burnt my fingerprints off and we had a 30 minute argument about whether those prints on the paper were mine or not.
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pjo12fan5 months ago
Headcanon #7
Percy discovers Brooklyn 99
And proceeds to annoy Annabeth at any given moment
鈥 Fighting monsters
Annabeth: Percy, listen up
Percy: Okay.
Annabeth: So you go from the front, then I鈥檒l come up from behind and we鈥檒l double team it. Got it?
Percy: Noice. 鈥淚鈥檒l come up from behind and we鈥檒l double team it鈥 title of your sex tape
Annabeth: This was a mistake
Percy: 鈥渢his was a mistake鈥 title of your sex tape
Annabeth: oh WHAT THE-
鈥 Those intimate, vulnerable moments when they kiss
Annabeth: I love you seaweed brain
Percy: *smirks* chills, literal chills
Percy: Noice?
Annabeth: I鈥檓 going to slap you
鈥 Annabeth designing a new temple for Olympus
Percy: *peering over her shoulder* Wise Girl you鈥檙e so talented, I love the design
Annabeth: *gushing* Aww thanks Percy
Percy: Also, I love your butt
Annabeth: Percy Jackson do you have a death wish?
鈥 Annabeth going to buy groceries
Annabeth: *browsing the dairy section* Percy do you want anything
Percy: Terry loves yoghurt
Annabeth: what the actual-
鈥 In college
Annabeth: I got an A on my test!
Percy: Annabeth Chase, you are an amazing human/genius
Annabeth: what?
Percy: what?
Annabeth: why would you say it like that
Annabeth: *glaring* is that another Brooklyn 99 quote?!
Percy: no?
鈥 Annabeth brushing her teeth in the bathroom
Percy: Annabeth?
Annabeth: *muffled* mhmmm?
Percy: there鈥檚 a bomb in the bathroom
Annabeth: *spits her toothbrush out* what?!
Percy: your butt, your butt is da bomb
Percy: cool cool cool cool cool, no doubt no doubt no doubt
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aiyaar5 months ago
Nico: I totally failed safety and health course today
Hazel: How did you manage that?
Nico: Well, Will asked "In the event of fire, what steps would you take?"
Hazel: And...
Nico: "Fucking large ones" was apparently the wrong answer
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