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#incorrect hp quotes

Ron: I won’t talk to you ever again!

Hermione: Fine!

*two hours later*

Ron: lmao look Hermione Malfoy’s a ferret


Ron: shit

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ginny: *runs in, out of breath and panicked*

neville: what happended?!

ginny: no one died!



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Ron: Is stabbing someone immortal?

Ginny: Not if they consent to it

Fred: Depends on who you’re stabbing

Percy: Yes?!?

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Dorlene headcanons!!

  • Okay first of all the war never happened so both of them lived
  • They got together in sixth year but have liked eachother years before that
  • Dorcas always makes Marlene handmade jewelry
  • They do each other’s make up at 2am
  • They both love quidditch but support different teams
  • Marlene made it onto the quidditch team in second year and Dorcas didn’t tryout until fourth year
  • When they graduated from hogwarts, dorcas wanted a pet cat and Marlene wanted a pet dog so they got both
  • (The cat was a black and whit cat and the dog was a golden retriever)
  • They used to go on double dates with Sirius and Remus a lot but the last time it ended with Marlene and Sirius saying “it’s the ___ for me” and it became really awkward
  • Lily was the first person who knew about them dating
  • Dorcas is the only person Marlene has never been rude or mean to
  • If anyone makes fun of either of them the other one will probably kill you
  • They love summer the most because they love going on picnics and bike rides and days on the beach
  • Binge watch TV shows together and then obsessing over the same characters
  • Cottagecore lesbians aesthetic
  • They’re both terrible cooks but love baking at like 10am together
  • Neither of them really talked to eachother before getting together
  • The Lily, Dorcas, Marlene and Alice friendship didn’t start until Dorlene happened
  • They’re always traveling to unique places around the world and take a picture of the two of them in the exact same pose every country they go to and hand them up on their wall
  • Marlene loves to read thrillers and Dorcas loves to read romance/fantasy books
  • They buy eachother clothes
  • Marlene’s patronus is a black swan and Dorcas’ is a white swan
  • They have completely different taste in music but will listen to each others favourite playlist anyway
  • They never fight but when they do it probably ends with them having a staring competition and then pretending like the fight never happened

That’s all I can think of lol but y’all better stan these underrated lesbians😌

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Remus: You got detention for what?

Sirius: Chasing a cat.

Remus: Please don’t tell me it was McGonagall.


Remus: So?

Sirius: You said not to tell!

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Ravenclaw: [texting Slytherin at 3am]

Slytherin: [texting Ravenclaw] dude, why are you still up?

Ravenclaw: [texting Slytherin] why are YOU still up?!


Slytherin: [texting Ravenclaw] touché

An actual conversation I have had with my math teacher…

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Percy: Sometimes I feel like dying

Penny: wha-

Percy: But then I remember I won’t be able to see you

Penny: *heart eyes and smiles*

Oliver: Sometimes I feel like dying

Marcus: Good for you

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rose: lily, who would you save if charlie and i were drowning?

lily: you can’t swim?! idiot.

charlie: it’s a hypothetical question! who would you save?

lily: my time and effort. if you can’t swim-honestly, what the hell?!


charlie: i’m your bloody girlfriend-

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Remus: So, your parents will arrange you to marry some pureblood girl?

Sirius: They want to, but I don’t see it going down that way.

James: Is it because you don’t enjoy going down that way?

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