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#incorrect irondad and spiderson
Clint, running past: haha, bet you can’t beat me to the hangar!
Tony, scoffing: Peter, hold my beer
Peter: *takes a sip*
Tony: *gasps* peter bENJAMIN PARKER—
Natasha: *takes the drink out of Peter’s hands and sniffs it* Tony, this is fruit punch
Tony: oh right, I forgot that I can't drink beer anymore now that Thor lives with us
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Talk about an accurate definition of Happy’s whole being! 🤣

I know I’ve been inactive for a while but I’ve been going through online classes hell lately with a lot of work from both college and my job. I’ve been so stressed so I put everything I had on this one to let out some steam… if that makes any sense. 😅

Based on the funny quote posted by @incorrectmarvelquote​ about a month ago. I don’t know if I said I’d make a comics out of that one but here it is. 

Here in Chile we’re about to enter summer, and with it, summer vacation. Expect more stuff then. 😉✌

Also, little headcannon: Tony got the lakeside cabin before Infinity War but went there ocacionally when he wanted to take a break with Pepper and he usually invited Peter over cause, even though he never admited it, he truly enjoyed the little guy’s company.

Hope you like it.👍

Marvel, Sony, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko. ©

Art by Maryo274. ©

If you like my art support with a reblog, it is appreciated.
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Peter : we can’t alter the past nor can we gaze upon the future, the only thing we can do is live in the present

Peter : and that is why i’ve decided to put my furby in a blender, fuck u for coming to my ted talk

Tony, eating popcorn with a fork while wearing sunglasses : I’ve given up on my firstborn child

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Tony, sighing: Okay, so tell me. How did you manage to set fire to the kitchen?
Peter: So I was heating my baguette like the good child I am, right?
Tony: Debatable but okay
Peter: But I forgot to take it out of the paper bag
Tony: What?!? So you just threw it in the oven??
Peter: In my defense, I was half-asleep
Tony: How??? It’s 3:00 pm
Peter: Your point?
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