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#incorrect ironstrange
Kid!Peter: DAD.
Stephen: What's wrong?
Peter, hiding under the covers: Can you close the closet door? I think I saw a monster.
Stephen: What makes you think monsters can't open doors?
*later in the night*
Tony, to Stephen, with Peter sleeping between them in the bed: This is why I handle the children, Steph.
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strangeironaf · 3 months ago
Superior Iron Man: I’m gonna need a human skull and I can't have you ask any questions why.
Dark Stephen: Only if you also don't ask why
Dark Stephen: *Pulls out 7 pristine human skulls* Take your pick.
Superior Iron Man:
Dark Stephen:
Superior Iron Man: This one is fine
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vo-5 · 3 months ago
Peter: I miss Mr. Stark everyday
[Harley screams in the background]
Peter: We've been fighting for our very lives since he crossed over
[Crashing noises, followed by Stephen sliding off the wall]
Peter: He literally was the glue keeping us together
Tony: F*cking Christ, I just stepped out to get Chinese... what the hell is happening?
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stxphxn-strange · 4 months ago
Bucky: I just got a text from Strange, it says: “Hey man, it was great seeing you and Sam for dinner tonight! Really wish you hadn’t told Tony about your goats, because he’s already adopted seven. One of them is chewing through the curtains in the Sanctum. Warm regards, Doctor Stephen Strange.”
Sam: … lots to unpack. And the fuck ends a text message with “warm regards?”
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tony: the only reason i agreed to hyphenate our last names is because they both start with 's'
stephen: and your initials spell a.s.s?
tony: and my initials spell a.s.s 😌
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Doctor Strange: you need to eat healthy.
Tony: No
Doctor Strange: the last patient who didn’t change their diet after I suggested it died.
Tony: Oh my God!
Doctor Strange: in a plane crash.
Tony: that sounds unrelated?
Doctor Strange: I’m the one who crashed it. Do not disobey me.
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enigmaticrebel · 8 days ago
Tony, handing Stephen a file: I need you to kill this man for me
Stephen: Tony, that's a picture of you
Stephen: Mood
Peter, in the background: Mr sTaRk no-
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ironstrangeheart · a month ago
*Tony and Stephen trapped in a dark, cold room*
Tony (rubbing his legs to get circulation going): Damn it's cold in here, I can't feel my legs!
Stephen: Might be because your rubbing my legs.
Tony: ... Want me to stop?
Stephen: I didn't say that...
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Stephen: *serving tea to Tony* Honey?
Tony: *distracted* Yes, darling?
Stephen: *blushing* I meant. Do you want honey on your tea?
Tony: *equally flustered* Oh. Uh. Yeah, please.
The Cloak of Levitation: *face palm*
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the-elle-kat · a month ago
Loki: *leaning against the counter watching Tony's ass from behind*
Stephen: *walks in the kitchen* What are you doing?
Loki: Watching my favorite show. *still staring at Tony's ass*
Stephen: *scoffs*
... seriously?
Stephen: You know what. Who am I kidding?
Scoot over.
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strangeironaf · 4 months ago
Tony, texting Rhodey: Rhodey-bear! Help I’m being kidnapped
Rhodey: Where are you?
Tony: I’m with some strange person. In a car. Help.
Rhodey: I’ll call Stephen.
Stephen, answering his cell: Hello?
Rhodey: Where’s Tony? He texted me that he was being kidnapped.
Stephen: Tony? What do you mean, he's right next to me-
Stephen: I’ll call you back. *hangs up*
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vo-5 · 3 months ago
Ned: Who's Stricter between Mr. Stark and Dr. Strange?
Peter: Mr. Stark
Ned: What???
Peter: Strange is a push over, all I need is tears in my eyes. Mr. Stark tho...
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Stephen: care to explain how you two managed to flood our entire house? AGAIN!?
Tony: all I heard was 'I swear this will be funny' and next thing you know we're sitting in the tub that crashed through the top floor...
Peter: to be fair, it was pretty funny
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Tony, peeling a banana: May I take your jacket off lol
Stephen: Do you think other people can't hear you?
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Tony: I think my instincts about people are way better than yours
Stephen: Why?
Tony: Well, I picked you
Tony: You, on the other hand, picked me
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Marvel characters as text messages
Sam: Hey, what part of your morning routine takes the longest?
Bucky: Finding the will to live.
Peter: I’m honestly a mess.
Peter: Don’t listen to half the things I say.
Ned: Legit you are, but you’re a mess I’m willing to deal with.
Sam: Hey, do you wanna come over?
Bucky: Yeah
Bucky: Can I bring my cat?
Tony: Do you think koalas get angry?
Stephen: Do I look like National Geographic?
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stxphxn-strange · 3 months ago
Villain!Stephen after breaking into the Compound: Once Tony is done stalling me so I can’t put shrimp in the microwave, it’s over for y’all bitches.
Tony: I am literally Making Out with you right now and that’s what you’re thinking about?!
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justincorrectmarvel · 8 months ago
Stephen: People need to stop thinking I'm the level-headed, smart one in this relationship, I still need people to inform me when it's night time, and I'm 37!
Tony: You're 38
Stephen: Fuck
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