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#incorrect jason todd
gotham-exclusive · a month ago
Jason: *wailing dramatically in a long victorian dress with a lit candlabra down one of the many dimily lit corridors of the gothic mansion at midnight*
Bruce: *turning on the hall lights* Jason, we’ve already fucking talked about this
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frostbittenbucky · 3 months ago
The only person he’s ever tried to avenge Jason is Jason
Dead Jason: [sees nobody has killed the joker]
Jason: [coming back to life] ”see I got to do everything my fucking self”
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incorrect-jasontodd · 3 months ago
Dick: If you hit someone, you can’t be mad when they hit you back.
Damian: That’s why you should hit them hard enough that they can’t hit you back.
Jason: That’s when you hit them with a knife. You know they won’t be hitting you back after that.
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jaydickincorrect · 3 months ago
Jason: Hitting the gym to release stress is not nearly as effective as hitting the people who caused the stress to begin with.
Bruce: *Backs away slowly*
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advena-perditus · 11 days ago
Tim: I just get crazier and crazier every day I'm with you!
Jason: I have that effect on humans. I just make people-
Tim: I just become more and more-
Jason and Tim in unison: mentally unstable
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nananabatfam · a month ago
Damian: *sets the kitchen on fire*
Tim, panicking: Where’s the responsible adult ??
Damian: He’s asleep on the couch.
Jason: Don’t worry guys, I got this. Hand me a bucket of water.
Jason: *dumps water on Dick* wake up dumbass, the kitchen’s on fire.
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frostbittenbucky · 2 months ago
Duke: What's the worst thing you guys have done?
Dick: Rickrolled my teacher in 4th grade.
Tim: I kicked Damian in the shin-
Damian: -So I kicked Tim between the legs.
Jason : I burned a town down.
Duke: What?!
Damian: What the hell is wrong with you?!?
Jason : A lot of things.
Tim: No shit.
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incorrect-jasontodd · 4 months ago
Slade: Status report on Jason Todd.
Rose: The target has been taken out
Slade: Very go-
Rose: It was a lovely restaurant. Candlelit dinner. I proposed at the end of it. His last name is Wilson now.
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jaydickincorrect · 3 months ago
Jason: What can I say? I'm charming and irresponsible.
Kon: Don't you mean irresistible?
Tim: He does not.
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