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#incorrect jason todd quotes
nyxthechaosdragon · 2 days ago
Jason to his favorite brothers: Everytime one of you opens your mouths, the world becomes a darker, more miserable place
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timdrakeismypatronus · 14 days ago
Jason: "Go to hell" is so abstract.
Jason: "Get trapped in a porta potty for 67 months." Now that's specific. That's possible. That's terrifying.
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nananabatfam · 2 months ago
Dick: Jay, keep an eye on Damian today. He’s going to say something to the wrong person and get punched. Jason: Sure, I’d love to see the little demon get punched. Dick: Try again. Jason, sighing: I will stop the little demon from getting punched.
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incorrect-jasontodd · 4 months ago
Dick: If you hit someone, you can’t be mad when they hit you back.
Damian: That’s why you should hit them hard enough that they can’t hit you back.
Jason: That’s when you hit them with a knife. You know they won’t be hitting you back after that.
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cartwheelandfaceplant · 8 months ago
Red hood jumps down into a drug deal: put your hands up. You’re under arrest!
Criminal: omg it’s batwoman!!
Red hood: what- nO. Red Hood.
Criminal: but why the red bat then? You’re not even a bat.
Red Hood: well- Uhh, I guess I am?
Criminal: then you should be bat hood or red bat or something. Your name is deceiving.
Red Hood: look, it’s a long story with a crowbar and daddy issues. I don’t have time for- fuck it. Hands up or I shoot *pulls out guns*
Criminals running and screaming: you’re the worst bat hero I’ve ever seen!!
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catxsnow · a year ago
Jason: Hey, I don't feel so good
Roy: Huh, that's weird. When did that start?
Jason: Right after I ate that sandwich. What kind of wheat bread did you buy it looked different.
Roy: Wheat bread?
Jason: Yeah I asked you to buy wheat instead of white
Roy: Wheat? You said Weed Bread
Roy: huh, I was kinda wondering why you wanted to weed bread. Wheat makes a lot more sense now that I think about it
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nyxthechaosdragon · a month ago
Jason: Are you ready to commit?
Roy: Like, a crime or to a relationship?
Jason: Surprise me
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incorrect-jasontodd · 5 months ago
Slade: Status report on Jason Todd.
Rose: The target has been taken out
Slade: Very go-
Rose: It was a lovely restaurant. Candlelit dinner. I proposed at the end of it. His last name is Wilson now.
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heavenlyangeliq · 3 months ago
“What’s the cause of death “ _Bruce
“Thermal stupidity” _Jason
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yourbooksname · a year ago
The Final Joke
Joker, holding up a crowbar: Hey, Robin... tell me a joke.
Jason, brink-of-death: what?
Joker (backhanding him with the crowbar): Tell me a joke.
Jason: w-w-What’s the difference between a pile of dead babies and a stingray convertible?
Joker: (Knocks Jason out, leaves him to the bomb, yada yada)
Jason, back from the dead: I don’t have a stingray convertible in my garage
Joker: wh-
Jason: (Punches joker in the face)
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