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#incorrect kakairu quotes
kakairuincorrectquotes2 days ago
Naruto: Guess what.
Iruka: What?
Naruto: No you have to guess.
Iruka: I don't know?
Naruto: Kakashi-Sensei is in the hospital.
Iruka: Why would you make me guess that- What happened??
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sweetysamaa19 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm back with a @kakairuincorrectquotes from this post :3
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kakairugayness29 days ago
Kidnapper: I have your son
Kakashi: But we don鈥檛 have a child??
Kidnapper: Then who just asked for a big bowl of ramen and some fatherly love?
Iruka: Oh no, they have Naruto!
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irukasgayy24 days ago
Iruka: no means no Naruto
Naruto: but last night I heard say no to Kakashi-sensei over and over and then you where screaming yes yes!
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irukasonlinea month ago
Kakashi: irukaaa
Iruka: yes?
Kakashi: my finger hurtss :(((
Iruka: come here *kisses finger*
Kakashi: *blushing*u-uuh well my cheek hurts too
Iruka: *kisses cheek*
Kakashi: Something else hurts too
Iruka: ?
Kakashi: my dic-
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bruhnam29920 days ago
Iruka: You鈥檙e pretty quiet tonight.
Kakashi: You鈥檙e quite pretty tonight too!
Kakashi: I mean no you鈥檙e not. You鈥檙e ugly.
Guy, whispering: Stop talking.
Kakashi: Okay.
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mp-doodles-kkir7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Based on @kakairuincorrectquotes Everyone loves Iruka sensei馃惉
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quotesnarutoincorrect7 months ago
Kakashi; how does one even talk to children?
Kakashi; they鈥檙e all like, 鈥渉ey! sensei, whacha doin鈥欌
Kakash; then I鈥檓 like, 鈥渏ust wallowing in my self loathing and the all encompassing urge to end it all, what鈥檚 good with you guys?鈥
Iruka, horrified; that鈥檚 definitely not how you talk to children.
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boringsickness3 days ago
How I imagine the argument (chunin exam) between Kakashi and Iruka.
Iruka: oh my God, shut up and suck a dick
Kakashi: are you offering?
Iruka: what
Kakashi: what
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ennajones3 months ago
Kakashi, four legs playing with the baby cat they just rescued, and babbling some inconsistent words.
Iruka :
Iruka : Well, was I suppose to see鈥 this ?
Kakashi, looking back at Iruka, an embarrassed look on his face.
Iruka : Don鈥檛 say anything. Call me when you鈥檙e done !
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kakairuincorrectquotes2 days ago
Iruka, holding a bowl of cereal in one hand, and a coffee pot in the other: What if instead of milk in my cereal, I put coffee-
Kakashi, walking past and taking the coffee pot away: What if you didn't.
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hitarehayameblog11 months ago
Obito: Here is where you will give me the Kyubi, Uzumaki Naruto becaus-
Naruto: Sorry I can't
Obito: You can't? Can't what?
Naruto: Give you the Kyubi, that would kill me right?
Obito: W-well yeah, that's part of the plan and-
Naruto: There you go, I can't do that, before coming here Iruka-sensei ordered me not to die
Obito: Boy, I think you are not getting the point here, I need the Kyubi
Naruto: * arms crossed * I'm not going to disobey Iruka-sensei
Obito: But-
Kakashi: *Panicked* Obito, please listen the kid, if Iruka finds out that Naruto disobeyed him with me in charge, WE ARE DONE!
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kakairugayness29 days ago
Iruka: Can I ask you a small favor?
Kakashi: I will literally kill for you, but go on
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irukasgayy26 days ago
Kakashi: I'm not gay but dam you're good looking bro
Iruka: you don't have to be gay to appreciate a man's beauty
Kakashi: nah bro I'd fuck you
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notsohappytaco3 months ago
Reanimated Minato: hey Iruka?
Iruka: yes lord 4th?
Reanimated Minato: where you dropped as a child?
Iruka: w-what!?
Reanimated Minato: I heard your marriaged to Kakashi, and well I love the kid to death, he was one of my students but....really?
Iruka: lord 4th-
Reanimated lord 3rd: Iruka! Kakashi?? You had no better pick??
Kakashi: fuck you guys
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kkirsstuff3 months ago
Holding hands 馃挅
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kakashi's diary: today I helds hands with another man who wasn't Iruka, I didn't feel nothing, but when I did it with Iruka it feels weirdly good, I think it's because Iruka's hands are soft but Tsunade sama told me that I was in love, pfffff what a joke
Years later:
When Iruka accidentally reads kakashi's diary: oh, at that time we had sexual tension and know we are good friends 馃馃嵉
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Months later: Iruka accidentally says "anata" to Kakashi
Kakashi: Iruka we aren't dating yet, but if you want we can go for marriage right know honey 馃槒馃挅*joking*
Iruka: 馃槼*blushing*
Kakashi: I wasn't expecting this馃槼, er, I gotta go 馃*puff disappears*
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mp-doodles-kkir5 months ago
It took for a while to finish this鈥
I love to see genma teasing Kakashi馃槢
Based on @kakairuincorrectquotes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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