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#incorrect loki
lokilookslikekrampus · 2 days ago
Loki: I'm so glad I have some company, I have been so lonely
Y/n:*who's currently tied to a chair* can I go home now?
Loki: Absolutely not,I have grown too fond of you, I shall keep you, I know I know I am amazing
Y/n: can I have a say in this or like another option here?
Loki: no
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whispering-about-loki · 4 months ago
Loki: *shows up in New Asgard with his new found family*
Thor: ...
Loki: Okay, just listen before you get angry, alright? I really did get killed by Thanos on the ship, but I didn't actually get killed by Thanos on the ship. That was another me, but still me.
Thor: ...
Loki: And also, I want to introduce you to Sylvie... who is, well... my twin sister, but also me.
Thor: ...
Loki: And the boy here is my adopted son, who also happens to be me... but the two of you have a rocky history, so you should just sort of ease into any conversations with him.
Thor: ...
Loki: And the alligator the boy is holding is also me, and it is best if you don't hurt his feelings. Or any of our feelings, really. He is quite protective.
Thor: ...
Loki: And this is Bea. She arrested me and dragged me to time-court, and I am pretty sure she wanted to kill me a few times, but she is actually very sweet and I think the two of you are going to get along just fine.
Thor: ...
Loki: Oh, and last, but certainly not least, this is Mobius. He's my... well, my boyfriend, if you want to put it in simple terms. But he gives the best hugs and has an unbelievably adorable dry sense of humor. And, honestly, he literally knows all about me and still loves me, so...
Thor: ...
Loki: Would you please say something?
Thor: ...
Thor: *bursting into tears* Group hug!
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incorrect-assvengers · 4 months ago
Sylvie, struggling to keep upright in their 1-inch heels: No, I don’t really think heels are for me.
Loki, walking flawlessly in their sparkly golden 6-inch heels: WEAK.
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incorrecttmarvell · 5 months ago
mobius: you can’t just create another timeline
loki: not to worry, i have a permit
mobius: … this just says “i do what i want”
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amiechuchu · 2 months ago
bad thing.
Thor: i did a bad thing
Loki, not looking up from his book: does it affect me?
Thor: no
Loki: then suffer in silence
Thor: it involves y/n
Loki, throwing the book aside: what the fuck did you do
inspired by this
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bisexual-cryptid · 3 months ago
loki, texting sylvie: sylvie, help! i’m being kidnapped!
sylvie: what? where are you?
loki: i’m with some strange person in a car, help.
sylvie: i’ll call mobius.
mobius, answering the phone: y’ello?
sylvie: where is loki? he texted me that he was being kidnapped.
mobius: loki? whaddya mean, they’re right next to me-
mobius: i’ll call you back *hangs up*
loki, sobbing: who are you!?
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