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#incorrect loki laufeyson
zemosimp05 · 4 hours ago
Drunk Mind, Sober Thoughts...
Loki x Y/N | Fluffy Drabble 
An: I’m back with another silly fluff…so enjoy ☺️ Reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
Tumblr media
“I’m telling you he does...doesn’t care... at all...” your voice slurred little bit as your grip around Loki’s shoulder tightened. 
“That is not true at all...” Loki huffed softly adjusting your position on his back. you’re glued to his back like a little koala bear as your legs gave up, so yeah, he was carrying you home.
“He left me...” you pouted your lips resting your head oh his shoulder.
“He had didn’t even pick his phone up...” he said bit annoyed.
“I was mad at... him, he left ...with so short notice, and I... beside that he just times...” you huffed.
“It’s twenty seven times Y/N, Do you even check your phone...?” he asked making you sad again.
“What ever...I was mad and I didn’t want to talk to him. He’s... bad..bad boyfriend...” you grumbled the last part.
“You still mad at him?”
“N-no...I miss him...” you said barely above whisper this time. Loki sighed softly. You’re clearly hurting. There was a long pause. The weather was bit chilly today. You really thought it would be a good thing to go out with few of your friends, have few drinks after keeping yourself completely isolated for a week from the outer world. Your friends were beyond happy to see you, recovering from your current heartbroken state. Your boyfriend had left you just a day prior to your birthday without any notice, just a small handwritten note , 
Had to go home for an emergency, stay safe.  
No further explaining, No I love you, no advance happy birthday, nothing!
“Am I heavy?” you finally came to realise that he was carrying you for a while.
“No...not at all...” Loki said as this wasn’t the first time he’s carrying you. 
“We could have just called a uber you know...people are watching us...” you suddenly got aware of the surrounding as you were sobering up little bit. It was late but still people were on the streets.
“I like carrying you...and beside that if you are feeling embarrassed you can hide your face in my shoulder you know...” he said and you immediately hide your slightly reddened face. Loki chuckled softly at your cute gesture.
“Stawwp...don’t..laugh...embarrassing...” you whined.
“Okay..okay apologies...” he said still smiling.
“My head is ...hurting...” you mumbled nuzzling your face more.
“Why did you got so drunk know your alcohol capacity is low...” he said bit concerned. Thanks to one of your friend , who called Loki to pick you up as none of them were in a state of driving.
“I just...uhhh...leave it...”
“ did you know which bar I was...were you stalking me?” you asked getting all confused. Your senses were finally coming back slowly.
“Your friend called, you had my no. for emergency contacts...” he said.
“Your number ? But I only had my boyfrien- YOU BASTARD....” you suddenly yelled fully getting your senses back as Loki busted in laughter.
“PUT ME DOWN ODINSON...” you yelled hitting his shoulders but Loki didn’t.
“Darling...stop are in no state of let me just carry you...” he said adjusting you. you knew this bastard wont put you down and you’re too tired to walk so you stopped struggling. 
“ left me....” you huffed angrily.
“No I did not...”
“DID NOT...”
“I WILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF...” you scoffed.
“I’m sorry..”
“Stop yelling...” he huffed.
“YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO....You left, no reason explained , I was so worried, I got so you ev-” you start to ramble but he cut you off with, 
“I said sorry didn’t pick my phone...answered my texts...” 
“I was left...before my”
“Hey! I wished you over text, tried to never responded...” he huffed softly. 
“I DID...and stop yelling in my ear...” he said yelling.
“I...I don’t remember...Got so many wishes...didn’t notice...” you said thinking. you did see his texts but you’re mad. 
“Mother was ill so I left in a hurry...I’m sorry my love...” he said you got sad again. If anyone in this world he cared about the most in this world was Frigga.
“is she okay? why didn’t you told me this before...”
“You didn’t reply Y/n...” he said , this time you felt guilty.
“Is...she...okay though?”
“Stable...I may have to leave by Sunday again...” Loki said as you nodded understandingly. It was your fault too. You should have called him back.
“You..still... love me right?” you whispered this time. You should be mad but after hearing why he left you just couldn’t.
“When did I stop loving you...?” he asked bit in a teasing way. 
“God! I hate you so much...” you whisper yelled again nuzzling your face back in the crook of his neck, hugging him tightly, making him laugh. God how much you had missed this idiot. Your idiot.
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bisexual-cryptid · 4 months ago
mobius: i am going to torture you
loki: ooo kinky
mobius: you are a good person and you deserve love and affection
loki: wait-
mobius: just because you have done bad things in your past doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of change
loki: stop it
mobius: you are loved and you are worthy
loki: i need a safe word!!!
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incorrect-assvengers · 4 months ago
Sylvie, struggling to keep upright in their 1-inch heels: No, I don’t really think heels are for me.
Loki, walking flawlessly in their sparkly golden 6-inch heels: WEAK.
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adhd-peterparker · 4 months ago
Peter: The results are in, I’m afraid you have updog…
Loki: What’s updog?
Peter: Ned! Get in here, I told you I could do it!
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pineconepanikkar · 5 months ago
Loki: Do you wanna go get lunch?
Mobius: Oh, I already ate with Casey, but what do you want?
Loki: ...
Loki: Loyalty.
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mcuincorrectlexi · a month ago
*Loki meets Bucky*
Bucky: So, your the god of mischief peter was talking about
Loki: so.. your the man with the metal arm and the staring problem peter told me about
Bucky: *stares at Loki to spite him*
Loki: *stares back*
Peter: *stands between them* um Mr. Bucky? Mr Loki? There’s no need for that-
Loki: how about instead of staring we find… a “better” way to decide who’s truly stronger?
Bucky: *in a deep voice* sounds good to me
*both pull out knives*
Peter: oh no…
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kate-bishopp · 5 months ago
Peter: Why would you give a knife to a child?
Loki: Morgan felt unsafe.
Morgan: [waving around a knife that is on fire]
Peter: Well now I feel unsafe!
Loki: I’m sorry
Loki: Would you like a knife?
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fedyorsundyinglove · 2 months ago
Loki: Today is a day of running through hurdles.
Mobius: Aren’t you supposed to jump OVER hurdles?
Loki: Whatever. Fear is only something to be afraid of if you let it scare you.
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bisexual-cryptid · 4 months ago
loki: In light of what you did for me, you can hug me for four to five seconds.
loki: no! four to five seconds!
mobius: too late!!!
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