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#incorrect lotr quotes

Elrond, : Thank you for taking Y/n. Unfortunately my business with Gandalf involves danger.

Galadriel, : Of course. She will be safe here.

*a crash in the distance*

You, a GenZ, in the distance, : Sorry!

Elrond, stiffens, : Are you sure that you are up for this?

Galadriel, laughs, : I have dealt with young ones before Elrond, how bad can she be?

You, a GenZ, running past them with guards on your tail, : I’M A BAD BITCH YOU CAN’T KILL ME!

Galadriel, smiling, : She’ll be fine.

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Y/N meeting Haldir at Lothlórien for the first time :

You, a GenZ, eyeing Haldir : So he’s a friendly elf?

Aragorn, smiling : Yes

You, a GenZ, looks at Aragorn : Does he bite?

Aragorn, amused : No

You, a GenZ, looks back at an unimpressed Haldir : Can i play with him?

Aragorn, : I do not recommend it.

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Legolas, : You can not make everyone like you, you are not Y/n.

Thranduil, immediately stops what he’s doing : There are people who do not like Y/n?

Thranduil : *is shocked*

Legolas, : Ada?

Thranduil, : Give me the names and they shall die by my blade.

Legolas, backs away nervously : Uh oh.

Thranduil, rushing over to him, : GIVE ME THE NAMES!

Legolas, : *screams*

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You, a GenZ, seeing that someone ate all your cookies, :Who the fuck-!

Elrond, a tired dad, : Language!

You, a GenZ, : Whomst the fuck!

Elrond : NO!

Lindir, hiding your last cookie behind his back, : Oh no.

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You, a GenZ, : *laying on the ground*

Thranduil, walks in, : *sighs* What happened now?

You, a GenZ, : Legolas won’t let me have fun.

Legolas, walking in, : She threw rocks at the guards after claiming that she was an earth bender! What does that even mean?!

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Meanwhile in Mirkwood : *Yelling in the kingdom*

Thranduil, panicking and has the whole of Mirkwood running around looking for you, : NOBODY TELL ELROND ABOUT THIS! Or Aragorn… Or Lindir… OR HALDIR!

Legolas, freaking out, : Better prepare our trip for the undying lands.

Tuariel, searching the kitchens, : HOW COULD YOU LOSE HER?!

Thranduil, internally planning what he’s going to wear on the ship to the undying lands : I TOOK MY EYES OFF HER FOR ONE SECOND!!

Legolas, trying to see if he can lure you out with a cookie, : WELL IT WAS A SECOND TOO LONG!

Meanwhile in the forest :

You, a GenZ, walking happily in the forest : *sees a warg of Gundabad*

You, a GenZ, : ….

The Warg of Gundabad : *growls*

You, a GenZ, : *gasps excitedly* PUPPY!

Meanwhile in Rivendell :

Elrond, looks up from his work : Something is wrong.

The continuation : xxx

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You, a GenZ, : *Walks up to Thranduil, smiling innocently * Can I have a cookie?

Thranduil, : Well, what did Elrond say?

You, a GenZ : … He said no.

Thranduil, : *raises an eyebrow* Then why are you asking me?

You, a GenZ, : Because he’s not the boss of you.

Thranduil, : …..

Thranduil, internally : It’s a trap, it’s a trap, it’s a trap, it’s a trap

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Thranduil : Y/n…what are you doing?

You, a GenZ, laying face down on the ground : I’m having me time.

Thrandui, sighs : What happened?

You, a GenZ, : Legolas won’t let me have a cookie. He put the jar on a high shelf.

Legolas, in the distance, : You already had 27!

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