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#incorrect luther quotes

Right now Klaus is giving Five a box with a mug inside that says ‘Our Favorite Grandpa’ on it. Klaus is fully prepared to start running once Five opens the box.

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I was thinking about Luther…

Okay so…. I’m watching TUA again. When I first watched it, I wasn’t angry with Luther, and I didn’t really had a problem with him. When I came up to tumblr and Twitter everyone has been hating on him and that’s when I started to dislike him.

Now I’m watching it again and Luther is not the evil. Reginald made him number 1 and it’s psychology… Reginald gave Luther “power” over everyone in the family with the name and if you gave people power, they will use it without realizing it. It made him think he had to do everything and has to lead everybody even if they don’t need it. That’s big pressure.


I love our little knife boi and you can see his soft side through the series. I understand why he talks to Luther the way he talks to him, BUT the way he talks to Luther in episode 4 is unacceptable and no one talks about it. I know Luther said shit to him in this scene as well, but this is fucked up:


And Vanya nearly kills (accidentally, and we love her ❤) his first and only love. So we shouldn’t be so surprised when he locks Vanya up to protect his family.

Also… some of you say, that he’s the reason why the apocalypse happened. If someone see my page, they know, that I adore Klaus, he’s my baby, but when I first watched The Umbrella Academy and I saw the scene where Harold finds the diary I laughed so hard, because you can say, that Klaus caused the apocalypse, just to have some money that he can spend on drugs 😂❤.


Anyway Thank you for coming to my Ted talk😅😂

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Diego: if we’re talking about discovering new powers…. I can breathe underwater now

The others:

Luther: how-

Diego: someone tried to drown me

Diego: it didn’t work

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Police: You’re under arrest for trying to carry three people on a single motorcycle.

Ethan: Wait, what do you mean THREE?

Police: Yes… three.

Ethan: *turns to look at Benji and Luther*

Ethan: What the- oh my god!

Police: Sir?


Luther, sitting at the end: :)

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Klaus teaching the Hargreeves siblings 60s slang:

Klaus: okay, let’s try this …

Klaus: heeey, that was boss! gimme some skin *holds out hand*


Diego: bro wtf. Have you finally gone psycho?

Klaus: *sighs* just slap my hand, Diego.

Luther: *frantically taking notes*

Klaus: *pained expression* god you’re such a square

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Klaus: *has lit a book on fire and is waving it above his head*
Diego: *is standing on a chair yelling incoherently*
Vanya: *is waving a kid wooden sword dangerously close to various breakable items*
Luther: okay so we're gonna put the monopoly away now kids
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