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#incorrect machablossom quotes
mr-trashcanchan · 3 days ago
Cherry: Alright, listen up. We're going to Ikea for one thing and one thing only, got it?
Reki, Langa, Miya, Shadow: Yes.
Joe: Yup!
Cherry: And please don't wander off, it's a maze in there.
[5 minutes later]
Intercom: Mr Cherry, can you report to the lost and found, we found your husband and kids. Once again, we have found your husband and kids.
Cherry: ...
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Joe: It'll be fun
Joe: We'll make it a boys day
Joe: Come on you punk bitch
Cherry [sighing]: I can't believe I have to say this
Cherry: I don't have time to get tested for STD's with you tomorrow
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Joe: Reki, I’ve been trying for years to tell you this, but you’re not allergic to bacon; it’s just something Cherry made up to get you to eat healthy.
Reki: No, I’m just allergic to a lot of stuff. Bacon, donuts, Halloween candy, not saying thank you…
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Joe: Punch me in the face.
Cherry: Punch you?
Joe: Yes, punch me, in the face. Didn't you hear me?
Cherry: I always hear "punch me in the face" when you're speaking, but it's usually subtext.
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huachengslastbraincell · 11 days ago
Reki: It’s so cold.
Langa [rushing to his side]: Do you need a blanket? Hot chocolate? A hug and cuddles? Anything you want, just say the word. I love you so much.
Joe: I’m cold too!
Cherry [not even looking up from his Carla tablet]: Well, damn gorilla, what am I supposed to do? Set you on fire?
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huachengslastbraincell · 11 days ago
Joe: [mindlessly flirting with Cherry]
Cherry: [actually flirts back]
Cherry: You're not gonna say anything?
Joe, panicking: I don't know. I didn't think I'd get this far.
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huachengslastbraincell · 15 days ago
Langa: Every time I see Reki, my heart clenches and I get all nervous.
Joe: That's because you love him.
Reki: Every time I see Langa, my heart clenches and I get all nervous.
Cherry: Don't get close to him again, you seem to have an allergic reaction.
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huachengslastbraincell · 15 days ago
Langa: Bro.
Reki: What, bro?
Langa: Cover your eyes.
Reki: [covers his eyes]
Langa: What do you see?
Reki: Nothing.
Langa: That's the meaning of my life without you, bro.
Reki [tearing up]: Bro....
Renga: [Emotional bro making out]
Cherry: Bro.
Joe: What, bro?
Cherry: Cover your eyes.
Joe: [covers his eyes]
Cherry: What do you see?
Joe: Nothing.
Cherry: That’s what you mean to me, bro.
Joe: Br- wait.
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Miya: If you had to choose between Joe and all the money I have in my wallet, which would you choose?
Cherry: That depends, how much money are we taking about?
Joe: Kaoru!
Miya: 63 cents.
Cherry: I'll take the money.
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huachengslastbraincell · 18 days ago
Joe: I hate you!
Cherry: I hate me more!
Joe: Babe... we’ve talked about this...
Cherry:....I know...
Joe: Let's go back you my place? I'll make spaghetti and we can watch a movie and cuddle.
Cherry; [nods]
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brkolgane · 22 days ago
The Sk8 Family
Reki: So...if we were a family who would be who?
Miya: Shadow is the soft uncle who teaches you curse words when parents aren't watching
Shadow: Miya is the spoiled only child gamer with trust issues
Joe: Sorry but mom Kaoru gave birth to 2 more idiots
Kaoru: Wait- WHO WHAT?
Langa: Dad Joe says I am the gay son
Reki: How about me?
Miya: You are the reason why Langa is gay
Reki: That's fair
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