#incorrect marauders
regulus-our-king · 2 days ago
Regulus, to James: My life is in the hands of an idiot! James, motioning to himself and Sirius: No no no no no, TWO idiots!
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little-bit-of-magic2893 · 2 days ago
Marauders as things I’ve said, part 5
“I might’ve forgot it even existed... for 7 months... that poor plant” -Peter
*grabs old baby doll, rips the head off, and aggressively presents it to my sister* “SO this is gerARD” -James
*stares at the wall, suddenly turns around and points to the tv playing Encanto* hE toLd mE tHaT tHe MaN oF mY dReAmS wOuLd bE jUsT oUt oF rEaCh, BETHROTHED TO ANOTHAAA” -Sirius
“Don’t cry over him, he literally wears clear circle glasses” -Marlene
“Don’t make me shove this frog up your nose” -Alice
*in the middle of a breakdown, throwing a peace sign to myself in the mirror and continuing to cry* -Remus
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euphorial-docx · a day ago
Regulus: Astrology is fun because I can pretend that all of my behaviors are just a result of being a Gemini and not symptoms of mental illness.
Sirius: Being a Gemini is a mental illness. That’s not hate it’s just a fact.
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imaginethathp · 2 days ago
James: Rise and shine, Y/N. Time for us to vamosey on out of here. The road's calling.
Y/N: 'Vamosey' isn't a word, James. Nobody shines' in the middle of the night, and the road isn't calling. It's asleep, like everybody else.
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padfootspuppy · 16 hours ago
Remus: I’m sorry I’m late I broke down.
Person: is your car okay?!
Remus: I don’t have a car-
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marauders-once-said · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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nymphadorathebubba · 2 months ago
Remus, sliding a photo across the table: I need you to kill this man.
Hitman: Sir, this is a picture of youself
Regulus, from the other corner of the room: Mood.
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exilesblack · 2 months ago
*at the mall*
remus: i lost my friends, could i make an announcement?
worker: sure
remus: goodbye you little sh*ts
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whataloadofqueers · a month ago
sirius : moony, can you lend me a hand there ?
remus : for ?
sirius : marriage
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remmy-the-werewolf · 10 days ago
*preparing for sirius and remus' wedding*
euphemia: ok, so it looks like the food will get here at about half one
james: alright good, do you mind if i go for a sec, i need to check on the ring bear.
euphemia: you meant to say ‘ring bearer’ right?
euphemia: james fleamont potter, look at me in the eyes and tell me you aren’t bringing a dangerous animal to your brother's wedding
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rwbel-r3bel · 20 days ago
James, half asleep and looking for food: what are you in the mood for?
Regulus, smirking: world domination
James: huh, that's a bit ambitious for this ungodly hour
Regulus: you're my world.
James: that's nice
James: oh-
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regulus-our-king · 2 days ago
Regulus, [in a meeting]: My policy is if you see something, say something. James: I saw a squirrel in a tree today! Regulus, [with the tone of someone who's used to James]: Outstanding.
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marauders3ra · 6 months ago
Remus, to his parents: instead of complaining about how I spend too much time in my room, just be grateful I’m not doing drugs!
Remus: ..
Remus, to himself: I do the drugs anyway but they don’t need to know that
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jilywolfstar03 · 9 months ago
Sirius: *tells a stupid joke*
Remus: *gets annoyed and tells him to fuck off*
Stranger: Excuse me, is this man bothering you?
Remus: Yeah, but he's my husband so I signed up for this.
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imaginethathp · a day ago
James: What are you doing?
Y/N: I'm storming out.
James: Y/N, this is your room.
Y/N: Yeah, well, that's how mad I am!
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random0shitz · 2 months ago
Sirius: This tea tastes like shit
James: Remus made that tea
Sirius: *Drinks it all in one gulp* Amazing, wonderful. The best goddamn tea I've ever had. Remus is so amazing. He makes the best tea. I'm so proud of my boyfriend. The best ever. He will make a wonderful husband. A+ tea
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marauders-once-said · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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fuckboyevan · 2 months ago
That one pass the phone game
Lily: it's the "in love with two dumb blondes" for me
Dorcas: it's the "prefers chocolate over human interaction" for me
Remus: it's the "my entire life centers around my jewelry" for me
Regulus: it's the "I'm punk but also if you look at me wrong I'll cry" for me
Sirius: it's the "needs glasses but pretends not to because you think they look weird" for me
Peter: it's the "cant get any of the people he's in love with to agree to go out with him" for me
James: I dont like this game
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little-bit-of-magic2893 · 13 days ago
Lily: *holding Peter's hand over her stomach so he can feel Harry kick* Sorry this is taking so long, he kicked for everyone else.
James: It's hard for the little guy to perform under pressure.
Sirius: Top ten things James said on his wedding night!
Peter: Woah! It was small, but I think I felt something!
Remus: Top ten things Lily said on her wedding night!
Lily: *laughs*
James: Stop laughing at it, Lily!
Everyone: Top ten things James said on his wedding night!
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dreamyremu · 3 months ago
Remus: I'm THIS close to smacking you
Sirius: Your fingers are touching
Remus: Exactly.
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