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#incorrect marauders quotes

The maraunders, playing Among us

Lily: I found Marlene’s body at cafeteria

James: so I was in the middle of doing the asteroid thingy I have no clue what that room is called

Remus: um James that’s imposible I just saw you at reactor, and the “asteroid thingy” is on the other side of the map


Sirius: I have no clue how this is played but I trust Wormy

*prongs was not an impostor, one impostor remains*

Peter: *kills Lily* *reports the body* *blames sirius*

Sirius: *confused screaming* *doesn’t defend himself cause he doesn’t know Jack shit*

*padfoot was not an impostor, one impostor remains*

*game ends*


Sirius: You bitch…

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Sirius: Today’s just been the worst day and I hate it.

Remus: Has it been a bad day or did you let your thoughts run wild for about 10 minutes which made you anxious and panicky which led to a bad vibe? And then you let that bad vibe run the rest of your day?


Remus: Yeah that’s what I thought. You run this shit and you decide what’s going to happen today. You’re more than your anxiety. Next time, use breathing exercises and talk to James or I

Sirius (smiling): Careful Moony, I might start to think you care about me

Remus: No fuck you. But I’m always here if you need me

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Did this happen to anyone else? Please tell me if it did, I don’t know if my account got hacked, but somehow this was posted three times on my blog! I deleted the last 2, but I kept this for proof. I’m going to tag a bunch of people just to see if I can get some replies, but if you have any info PLEASE TELL ME, thank you so much everyone

@marauderssequels @majesticmarauders @wingedcorgi @wizardwritings @themaraudersmapforpranks @thekm11 @thatslytheringurl @thepumpedupkidd @incorrectmarauderquotes @incorrectmarauders @incorrectgreekquotes @inkinflux @incorrectgreekgods @overheard-at-hogwarts @padfoot-prongs-and-prongslet @padfoot-prongs-and-polaroids @staff @loloisafangirl

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Remus, first year: Guys stop, I am not going to dance to distract people! I don’t want anyone looking at me. I’m scrawny and I can’t get in trouble. I don’t want to disappoint Dumbledore or get detention

Remus, sixth year (twerking on the Gryffindor table and singing to distract the Slytherins while James and Sirius plant the dung bombs): I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe

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James: hi moonnyyy

Remus: what did you do this time

Sirius: why do you think we did something?

Remus: you guys are irresponsible

Sirius: we are not!

Remus: h o w


Sirius: jammmeessss Remus says we’re irresponsible and I don’t have any arguments help

James: what? Oh no we weren’t responsible for the mass arson hahaha

Sirius: JAMES


Remus: this is my point

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Sirius: It’s like my family and I are dead to each other

James: So that’s grim-mourn place for you then

Lily: oMg JaMeS nOw iS nOt tHe tIme!!!

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Sirius, dancing overly dramatic

Remus, really embarrassed that his boyfriend is acting out again, whispering: Sirius.. you need to calm down!

Serius, ignoring him on purpose and getting closer to Remus.

Remus: Stop. I’m serious!

Sirius: No! I am Sirius!!

Remus, having enough: Just stop!

Sirius, smirking: Make me!

Poor, shy Remus blushes.. like a lot

Sirius: See you can’t contro-

Remus, kisses him passionately.

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Harry: Oh and Hermione started S.P.E.W

Sirius: She started spewing?

Hermione: No. S.P.E.W. It’s an organization that fights for house elf rights and makes sure they get treated fairly

Sirius (scoffing): Have you met house elves? Have you met my house elf? They’re annoying and nosy

Hermione (frowning): That’s not nice Sirius. They deserve to be treated equally. Maybe if you were a bit nicer to Kreacher, he’d be nicer to you

Sirius (remembering a black haired boy with bright gray eyes saying the exact same words to him at the exact same table 20 years ago): How much?

Hermione: Excuse me?

Sirius: How much do you need to get it started?

Hermione: I don’t need m-

Sirius (interrupting): I have money to spend and it’s for a good cause. It’ll be a monthly donation. Make it in the name of Reggie

Hermione: Uh okay? I’ll make the donation in Reggie’s name

Sirius (smiling and thinking of how much he hated to be called Reggie): Good. Thank you.

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