#incorrect marble hornets quotes
eldritch-hall-asylum · 6 months ago
Grinny: yep, sometimes I gotta beat the kids nightmares off with a stick.
Tim: *hallucinating and panicking. He points to where the intimidating figures are*
Grinny, protecting his boi: back, demons! Back I say!
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jayy-merrick · 6 months ago
why am i like this
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marblehornets-shitposting · 7 months ago
Tim: Dave just fucking died
Brian: Who's Dave?
Tim: The guy we had in out basement.
Brian: Oh.
Tim: ...
Brian: You wanna get subway?
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drrealityslenderverse · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Jay after finding anything he thinks could give him answers.
Or... him in general. The guy touched dried sink blood, chased after a guy in a hoodie without hesitation, and posted confidential medical records in a video like... what are you doing!?
"And I'd do it again." -Jay, probably.
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Ben: On a scale of "Damn, Daniel" to "Fre Sha Va Ca Do", how are you feeling?
Toby: Somewhere between "It's an avocado, thanks." and "How did you defeat Captain America?" but, as a solid answer, I would say "I don't need no degree to be a clothing hanger." How about you?
Ben: Probably "Road Work Ahead."
Masky: I speak many languages and this isn't one of them.
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demonicus-familia · 6 months ago
Any adult Tim: so what do you do?
Levi!Tim: *goes all goopy*
Adult Tim: ○-○
Pietro/goopy!Levi!Tim: ÒvÓ
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graceandtheidiotsquad · a year ago
Tim: Who the f*ck-- Brian: Language! Tim: Whom the f*ck-- Brian, facepalming: No-
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eyewussjack · 2 years ago
Brian: going to plan B?
Tim: technically, this would be plan G
Jessica: how many plans do we have? is there, like, a plan M?
Jay: yeah but Tim dies in plan M
Alex: i like plan M
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peculiarbob · a year ago
Tim: *trying to pee*
Alex: Y’all wanna see something funny
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i-want-it-on-fire · 3 years ago
brian, to alex: we’re not so different, you and I. you have your master plan to murder everyone we know. and me? I got all these fuckin puzzles.
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 3 months ago
Jay: *playing with a coin*
Jay: *accidentally drops his coin*
Jay: Aw, man... my cash.
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crybabiemoss · 3 years ago
the Operator said fuck u. Operator said u have no rights.
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marblehornets-shitposting · 2 years ago
I'm little bit of stupid cause this made me laugh when I though of it
-Tim waking up during his little video and Alex showing up infront of him-
Alex: A B0DY has B E E N dIsC0VERed
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drrealityslenderverse · a year ago
Hoodie: When Mothman lurks around forests at night it’s ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’. 
Hoodie *gesturing dramatically*: But when I do it it’s ‘weird’ and ‘a disturbance to the neighborhood’.
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Toby: We have fun, don't we?
Masky: I've never been more stressed in my entire life.
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starskipper · 4 years ago
Alex: How do you plead?
Jay: *looks at Tim*
Tim: *mouths NOT GUILTY*
Jay: Hot milky
Tim: *slams head on wall* For fucks sake just shoot him.
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meetmeundergroundat3am · 4 years ago
Jay, sliding up behind Jessica: HEY.
Jessica: AH?
Jay: IS THAT SEAT TAKEN? *points at an empty chair across the room*
Jessica: No...?
Jay, now holding the chair: OKAY COOL THANKS.
Jay, to Alex: I panicked.
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eyewussjack · 2 years ago
[playin some drinking game]
Tim: never have I ever stolen anything
Brian: that's a lie. you stole my heart
Tim: ...bro
Brian: bro.
Alex: oh my god, get a room
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peculiarbob · 2 years ago
Skully: *on top a tree* I’m a cat!
Masky: You’re not a cat.
Skully: I’m a cat!!!!
Hoodie: You’re not a cat!
Skully: ....
Skully: I’m a doorbell.
Hoodie: .... Sure.
Masky: WHAT?!?!
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somewhat-crazy · a month ago
masky's pills</3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
art and quote credits to original owners, toby is from @ask-tt0by, idk where masky is from but please lmk who to credit if you do!
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