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#incorrect marvel

*At the hospital with Tony*

Nurse : So tell me what happened to you.

Y/N : Okay. I was in the kitchen and I was baking. Then, I took the kitchen knife to cut something and the knife… fell…

Nurse : The knife fell ?

Y/N : Yes.

Nurse : On your stomach ?

Y/N : Yes.

Nurse : Miss, are you lying to me ?

Y/N : What ? No ! Why would I lie to you ?!

Nurse : Please, miss. Tell me the truth.

Y/N : Okay okay ! I wanted to prank on my friend by “stabbing” myself with a fake kitchen knife but I took the real one without knowing it !

Nurse : It’s more… logical… I guess… Thank you, miss. *leaves*

Tony : You’re lying again. I know it.

Y/N :

Y/N : I was entering the living room and Loki thought it was Thor so he stabbed me without checking first who it was…

Tony : And why didn’t you denounce him ?!

Y/N : Because he promised me to take me to Disneyland and then visit Asgard ! Isn’t that cool ?

Tony : NO-

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[tonys working in his lab]

FRI: sir peter and harley are kissing

Tony: *proud they finally admitted feelings for each other*

FRI: they are now heading into Mr. Keeners room

Tony: *slight panik*

FRI: They appear to be taking off their shirt and pants

Tony: *bigger panik* Fri, are my two kids going to fu-

FRI: They are now crawling into Mr. Keeners bed

Tony: *racing around like a madman* FRIDAY!

FRI: Oh they’re adorable. They’re cuddling

Tony: *collapses on the couch*

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Fury: The only thing that seems to motivate you guys is pancakes

Clint: Pancakes? I love pancakes!

Natasha: Do we have maple syrup for them?

Tony: I’ll go buy it

Steve: Where are they?


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Loki, maddeningly throwing articles of clothing across the room from the wardrobe: None of these seems to fit me anymore! NONE. AT. ALL.

Thor, crouching next to the huge pile on the floor: Eh… Not all though… This one might fit you…

Loki, fiery eyes and seiðr swirling around him: That’s a bloody hat, you dumb himbo… WAIT, DID YOU SAY ‘MIGHT’-

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