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#incorrect mcu quotes
Wanda: Have you not listened to anything I鈥檝e said?
Pietro: I certainly haven鈥檛, but I didn鈥檛 think you鈥檇 notice.
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bisexual-chupacabraa day ago
Nat: What was the one thing I told you not to do? Y/N: Burn down the house Nat: And what did you do? Y/N: Made you dinner :) Nat: Y/N: Nat: Y/N: And burnt down the house...
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ir0npvrkera day ago
bucky, completely serious: ma鈥檃m, it has been reported lately that you do, in fact, have little paw-paws and a little button nose. do you care to comment?
alpine: mrrrow
bucky: riveting
sam, walking in: am i interrupting something?
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incorrectkamartaja day ago
Wong: Stephen hasn鈥檛 stopped staring at the window since the storm started.
Wong: Maybe I should let him in.
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harkximoff2 days ago
Agatha: Looking back I have no regrets.
Wanda: You should
Agatha: Yeah
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headcanonthings2 days ago
Clint: You got tossed out too, huh?
Bucky: Yeah, for yelling.
Clint: You yelled in a museum? That is hardcore!
Bucky: Why鈥檇 you get tossed out?
Clint: Stole a pterodactyl. But it鈥檚 not like I yelled.
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Stephen: doesn鈥檛 matter, no ones ghost proof.
Tony: I鈥檓 ghost proof.
Stephen: You鈥檙e not ghost proof. You鈥檙e just an idiot that refuses to see proof.
Tony: I鈥檓 ghost proof babyyy
Stephen: no you鈥檙e not!
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Peggy: If I don鈥檛 come back, just blow this place to hell.
Natasha: We don鈥檛 have enough explosives for that.
Peggy: Yeah, but they don鈥檛 know that!
[source: No Time To Die]
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aka-lady-loki19 hours ago
Peter P: *walks into the living room holding a 3D copy of Mjolnir*
Peter P: Hey Mr Stark, catch!
Peter P: *tosses the fake version of Thor鈥檚 weapon over to his mentor*
Tony: *catches 鈥淢jolnir鈥 and frowns*
Tony: Wow, this thing really isn鈥檛 as hefty as I thought it would be.
Tony: *shrugs before turning to eye Loki*
Tony: Reindeer Games, you鈥檙e up!
Tony: *throws the 3D duplicate of the hammer across the room*
Loki: *intercepts the fake Mjolnir and flips in the air with ease before catching it in hand again
Loki: *grins mischievously*
Loki: Oh dear me Brother鈥 Have we nicked your treasured party trick?
Loki: *smirks towards Thor and passes 鈥淢jolnir鈥 over to Clint*
Clint: *examines the hammer thoroughly*
Clint: Not that the whole flying hammer thing isn鈥檛 cool, but I think I鈥檇 rather stick to my bow.
Thor, who has been staring on at the group in shock and unable to speak the entire time: *faints*
Loki: *gasps in mock terror*
Loki: Goodness gracious! Is he dead?
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Tony:聽We鈥檙e kind of missing something guys.
Clint:聽A general sense of what we鈥檙e doing?
Bruce:聽And Steve is not here.
Thor:聽Oh, and that, yeah.
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Pietro: I was awoken by the sound of mockery. Where is it? Show me the object of ridicule!
Tommy: I'm taller than Billy!
Billy: By ONE millimeter!
Pietro: Hey, don't get short with your brother.
Tommy: Uncle Pietro, I hope you don't think little of him.
Pietro: Ha! Yeah, and... he's short!
Wanda: Guys, maybe you should lay off him a tiny bit.
Tommy: Tiny! Mom's in on it!
Pietro and Tommy: [laughing]
Billy: [walks away sulking]
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harknessimpa day ago
[Wanda and Agatha glaring at each other]
Darcy: Do you smell that?
Jimmy: *sniffs the air* what?
Darcy: *points to Wanda and Agatha* the scent of sexual tension.
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incorrectkamartaja day ago
Mordo: *screams*
Stephen: *screams louder to assert dominance*
Wong: Should we do something?
The Ancient One: No, I want to see who wins this.
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harkximoff20 hours ago
Wanda: You鈥檙e a heartless jerk!
Agatha: Where did that come from?!
Agatha: Oh right my actions.
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headcanonthingsa day ago
Kate: What's your favourite horror movie, guys?
America: IT!
Wanda: Saw.
Pietro: Ooh, Annabelle!
Peter: High-school Musical.
Peter: After watching it, I spent all my middle school years terrified that the entire school would start singing and I'd be the only one who didn't know the lyrics.
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