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#incorrect mha quotes
smallmightsupremacy · a day ago
Kirishima, jumping onto a desk: Pikachu! I choose you!
Denki: *kicks back his chair and starts electrocuting stuff*
Bakugou, joining in: Charmander! I choose you!
Shoto: *stands board upright and starts setting things on fire*
Deku: *screams as Bakugou and Kirishima start having an actual Pokemon battle*
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incorrectheroquotes · a day ago
Aizawa: I am offended. I am angry. I am... very tired
Aizawa: So I'm gonna take a nap
Aizawa: But when I wake up, oh, you are in for it
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fever-dreamer97 · 2 days ago
Kirishima: Aizawa-sensei, how does someone get pregnant?
Aizawa: Uh, when two people love each other-
Kirishima: Like me and Bakubro?
Aizawa:…Sure. Anyways, it happens when two people sleep together.
Kirishima: *GASP* We slept together!
Bakugo: Not like that, no we didn’t!
Kirishima: You’re my baby daddy!
Bakugo: I’ll punch you in the mouth.
Kirishima: You would say that in front of the baby?
Bakugo: There is no baby, you dumbass! We didn’t even sleep together, we slept in the same room!
Kirishima: Yeah, you were on bottom and I was on top.
Bakugo: On freaking bunk beds!
Kirishima: I’m keeping the baby.
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mha-quotes-and-such · a day ago
Kaminari: "Are you a boy or a girl?" I'm a punchline
Kaminari: My pronouns are he/he/he/he
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incorrectmyhero · 2 days ago
Shinsou, t-posing in the hallway with Eri: Good morning, parental figure
Aizawa, sipping his coffee without looking up: Good morning, problem children
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kackzsuki · 2 days ago
Sero: Why did you guys dress up as each other for Halloween?
Kaminari: Hitoshi is the scariest thing I could think of!
Shinsou: Denki told me I should pick the dumbest costume possible.
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deadasursleepschedule · 2 days ago
Incorrect BNHA Quotes #2
Shinsou: I think I'm having a mid-life crisis.
Aizawa: You're fifteen kid, that's not mid-life.
Kaminari, sounding very upbeat: Any crisis can be a mid-life crisis if you die early enough.
Literally All of Class 1-A:
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deltalikesanime · a day ago
bakugou: oh my god kaminari, you’re so fkn stupid
izuku: *stare*
bakugou: okay, kaminari denki, if any of my words hurt or offended you in any possible way, i didn’t actually mean it, it was not my intention, so please forgive me, I am deeply sorry of everything i did.
kaminari: *visible confusion*
kirishima: *whispering* bakubro, blink twice if you are being held hostage
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ctrltc · 2 days ago
Todoroki: I don't think we should be sleeping pass 8:00 p.m..
Bakugou: You don't think at all.
Todoroki: You're right. I don't think at all.
Bakugou: Yeah, you- What?! That's not-
Todoroki: Whenever my mom yells at my dad, he gets calm and starts agreeing with her about everything. Until she either calms down or storms off.
Todoroki: The man is a genius.
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smallmightsupremacy · 23 hours ago
Bakugou: *Hosting a cooking class*
Bakugou: Icyhot! Stop! This food is so frozen that it just started singing 'Let it Go'!
Shoto: Oh.
Bakugou: What the hell is going on here?! Pinky! This fish is so raw that it's still finding Nemo! Go cook it for longer!
Mina: Jeez, calm down!
Bakugou: What the hell is this?! Dunce Face! This salad is so badly dressed that it reminds me of Kirishima!
Bakugou: *holding up the chicken* Deku, this chicken is so uncooked that I almost mistook it for Tokoyami!
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mha-quotes-and-such · 2 days ago
Koda: I can tell that dog is a good boy
Momo: How?
Koda: He’s a dog
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kackzsuki · 2 days ago
Iida: Time for plan G.
Midoriya: Don’t you mean plan B?
Iida: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Todoroki: What about plan D?
Iida: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Midoriya: What about plan E?
Iida: I’m hoping not to use it. Todoroki dies in plan E.
Todoroki: I like plan E.
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useless-wannabee · 16 hours ago
Deku: Am I in trouble?
Aizawa: Take a guess
Deku: No?
Aizawa: Take another guess
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