#incorrect my hero academia quotes
fever-dreamer97 · 2 days ago
Bakugo: Can’t believe we have to do that stupid baby flour sack assignment.
Izuku: Hey! This assignment is teaching us how to be responsible parents! It’s very important!
Bakugo: Like how? It’s not a real, it’s flour.
Izuku: Well last night, I had a dream our sack got abducted and the kidnappers started sending muffins in the mail. I woke up and cried for twenty minutes.
Izuku, tearing up: Not real, shut up.
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mha-quotes-and-such · 2 days ago
Natsuo, about young Shoto: My little brother figured out he can put sticky notes on people's backs
Natsuo: He doesn't know they're supposed to say stuff like "kick me" so they only have animal facts on them
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mentallyunawareofpapaya · 11 hours ago
i like to believe that Izuku still believes in santa, and nobody knows but Katsuki.
Inko would just assume he figured it out when he was like 8, but Izuku didn't really have any friends so nobody else told him.
Katsuki still isnt friends with Izuku, still hates him, but he only hates him in the way you hate your annoying younger cousin. he pisses you off, but you're family. so when they're 9, in the weeks leading up to christmas, Katsuki sees Izuku crying his eyes out, and since he doesnt have any injuries, he gets curious as to why and asks him whats up.
Izuku proceeds to cry about how hes afraid santa isnt gonna come this year because theres been no elf around his house (Inko, assuming Izuku was too old to give a shit, stopped doing that sort of stuff).
Katsukis known santa wasnt real for a couple years now, but again, despite them being the same age, hes got that annoying younger cousin relationship with Izuku, so instinctively he feels like hes gotta keep the christmas magic alive.
SOMEHOW, he finds himself actually sneaking into Izukus house to move the fucking elf around and actually put gifts under the tree from 'santa'. Inko assumes its Izuku doing it, so doesnt say anything, and Izukus just happy santa didnt abandon him.
except as they get older, Izuku still doesn't figure out santa isnt real. Katsuki refuses to crush his spirit, so and again and again, he ends up begrudgingly being santa for him. hes broken into Izukus house so many fucking times at this point. after year 2 he gave up on actually eating the cookies and milk that Izuku leaves out so he just throws them in a bush on the way home. he is absolutely fucking PISSED that he has to keep doing this every year, but hes kinda gotten himself into this situation where he has no choice because he refuses to crush Izukus dreams after putting this much effort into keeping them alive.
hes done this since age 9. by the time they're in UA, its kinda instinctual to act as if santa is real infront of Izuku. the rest of the class does NOT get the memo. at one point a bunch of them start trading stories of when their parents told them santa wasn't real, and Izuku walked in. Katsuki started playing bass boosted music through his phone on full volume to make sure he didn't hear.
Izuku keeps making comments about how santas real, but people just laugh it off as a joke. the only thing that confuses them is that Katsuki keeps fully backing up everything he says.
like a week before the first christmas they all have to spend at the dorms, they all figure out Izuku thinks its real when Katsuki ISNT in the room, and they proceed to try and gently break the news to him. he cries for an hour.
but eventually he calms down and they start talking about how he never figured it out, and about how all the santa stuff that parents usually do when their children are really young, just... never stopped.
its at this point Katsuki walks in, sits down, listens to the conversation, and freezes. because fuck.
they're all like 'so if it wasn't your mom who was giving you gifts from santa, who was it?' and Katsuki just sinks down in his chair silently.
Izuku, remembering that time Katsuki tried to get him to leave out protein bars instead of cookies 'incase santa was training to be a hero' when they were 14:
Izuku, remembering how Katsuki was the only person ever to back him up about santa being real:
Izuku, remembering that time Katsuki told him he needed to get better security because it was really easy to break into his house:
Izuku: *slowly turns to stare at Katsuki*
Katsuki, internally: shitshitshitshitshitshitshit-
the rest of the class: ?
Izuku: Kacchan?
Izuku: W H A T
*later on*
Kirishima: bro have you really been pretending to be santa since you were 9
Katsuki: im so tired
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writersmorgue · a day ago
Tumblr media
si vous savez ce que je
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smh0217 · 2 days ago
Green Goblin!Deku AU
*Mirio, Iida, Kirishima, and Toshinori are trying to find a cure for Midoriya’s condition. But before they could concoct a cure, Mirio felt the 4th users danger sense go off and he closed his eyes to figure out where the threat was coming from. He opens his eyes and fires off black whip at Midoriya, restraining him. Midoriya looks surprised at first before he gets a dark look on his face and looks at Mirio with a sinister smirk*
Goblin!Deku: That some neat Quirk, that danger sense of yours.
Iida: Midoriya?
Goblin!Deku: Midoriya’s on sabbatical, honey!
Kirishima: The hell?
Mirio: The Goblin...
Goblin!Deku: “No more darker half” did you really think that I'd let that happen? That I'd let you take away my power just because you're blind to what true power can bring you?
Mirio: You don't know me.
Goblin!Deku: Don't I?
Goblin!Deku, referring to All-Might:I saw how he trapped you, fighting his holy moral mission. We don't need you to save us, we don't need to be fixed! This is not a curse, It’s a gift!
Iida: Midoriya, no...
Goblin!Deku: Quiet lapdog!
Mirio: You don't know what you're talking about.
Goblin!Deku: I've watched you from deep behind Midoriya’s cowardly eyes, struggling to have everything you want while the world tries to make you choose. Gods don't have to choose. We take!
*Goblin!Deku breaks free of black whips hold and attacks Iida*
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incorrect-academia · 3 hours ago
Poll results for the question, “If you could give one thing to Tamaki, what would it be?”
- A hug and some reassuring words
- a break
- Mirio
- Food
- A hair brush
- A functional brain
- A stim toy
- give my boy some confidence
- Therapy
- A stuffed bunny
- My undying love and affection
- I would like to see him eat something really weird, to see just how far he can take his Quirk. Could he manifest a dragonfly's compound eyes, or the chromatophores of a cuttlefish or squid? Could he produce bioluminescence if he ate a firefly? Could he manifest chloroplasts from plants he eats and use them to photosynthesize and get energy that way? What about the pink velvet worm, which has glue guns in its face? Could he manifest that and use it to stop villains in their tracks? Or, given that his manifested parts are stronger than those of the source of the foreign DNA he ingests, how strong would he be able to get if he ate something like a mantis shrimp? So I think what I would want to do is give him all these different unusual animal and plant parts so he can experiment with them and expand his repertoire of Quirk-related techniques even further, but, like, in the form of cookies and other tasty foods. Because most of the things I want to see him eat are probably really gross on their own
- One of those all you can eat buffets so I can see how many abilities he can use at once
- My protection and a lot of food and cuddles
- An invisibility cloak. The introvert would appreciate it
- His fav foods in a little gift basket
- Confidence, that boy deserves it!
- Oversized hoodie, ultra comfort and hiding 😌
- I wanna give him the world <3
- A hug and some of my prozac
- Noise canceling headphones so he doesn’t get overwhelmed in crowds
- Can i give him (This was the full response so I’m not sure what they want to give him but it sounds promising)
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luckylightningbolts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
aggressive optimism
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incorrectheroquotes · 13 days ago
Shinsou: One day you will inherit all these priceless heirlooms
Eri: These are vape pens
Shinsou: They’re the family juuls
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kirbaku-crap · a year ago
Tumblr media
*Cough* *Cough* boyfriends *Cough* *Cough*
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this-isnt-legal · 3 months ago
Bakugou: That shitty stalker nerd, knows way too much about me Also Bakugou: [Knows exactly how many freckles Izuku has]
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incorrectmyhero · 9 months ago
Present Mic, going over Deku's student file: Okay, so right here, it states that you’re creative.
Deku: Yes!
Present Mic: Okay! May I know what you create?
Aizawa, walking by: Problems.
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fever-dreamer97 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mha-quotes-and-such · a day ago
Aizawa, very angry: Who ate all the jelly
Shinsou, guilty: It was Eri
Eri: What?! N-no it wasnt-
Aizawa: Oh. Thats alright. Would you like me to get you more?
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shouta-aizawow · 10 months ago
Kirishima: I’m not as strong as you guys... My quirk isn’t flashy or anything and I don’t even know how I was accep-
Bakugou: Okay, Mr. ‘I got 2nd place, 3 points below 1st place, with both rescue and villain points out of over 100 students at the entrance exam’.
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kiribakuincorrect · 15 days ago
Bakugo: This bloodline ends with me.
Kirishima: That's the fanciest way I've ever heard someone say "I'm gay."
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randombnhathoughts · 5 months ago
Nedzu : Alright, thank you Vlad. Aizawa, please introduce your students.
Aizawa : All right, *cracks knuckles*
Iida : oh boy.
Aizawa : The mother
Momo: I-
Aizawa : The father who commited a fellony.
Iida : *sigh*
Aizawa : Anger issues
Bakugo : Fuck your too.
Aizawa : Daddy issues
Shouto : Fair enough
Aizawa : Self sacrifice bisexual
Deku : I-
Aizawa : Dumbass bisexual
Kaminari: Called out
Aizawa : Dumbass pansexual, this time with acid.
Ashido : Here!
Aizawa : Space bi with a frog obsession.
Uraraka : Sensei please-
Aizawa : The actual frog
Asui : Kero
Aizawa : The Karate kid
Ojiro : Ok i guess
Aizawa : Gossip handler
Hagakure : That's me!
Aizawa : Gossip handler but sparkly.
Ayoma: Oui
Aizawa : The step mother who married the mother.
Jirou : *thumbs up*
Aizawa : The high one
Sero : Sir I-
Aizawa : The diabetes risk
Satou : Fair
Aizawa : The actually pure one
Kouda : (◕ᴗ◕✿)
Aizawa : The rock.
Kirishima : That's me!
Aizawa : The emo one
Tokoyami : What a mad banquet of darkness.
Aizawa : The one who wanted the hero name octopussy but refrained.
Shouji : ....
Aizawa : The honourary member, me but purple.
Shinsou : Sup.
Aizawa : Last and the least, the mistake.
Mineta : .......
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luckylightningbolts · a month ago
Tumblr media
there are more people in the bakusquad than there are brain cells
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incorrectheroquotes · 2 months ago
[At hospital]
Aizawa: [About Midoriya] I’m here for my student
Receptionist: Who’s your student?
Aizawa: You must be new here
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notanythingyet · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Izuku: kacchan...i love you...
Katsuki: HEHH?!?
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*Vigilante Izuku in Eraser's apartment after getting shot*
Izuku: w-where am I?
Aizawa: chuck-e-cheese
Izuku: *delirious* YOU'RE in chuck-e-cheese?
Aizawa: I live in chuck-e-cheese
Hizashi: *mad that 'Brat' isn't, in fact, a cat Aizawa adopted off the streets* he's the rat
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