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#incorrect naruto quotes
incorrectkonoha · 2 days ago
Sasuke: Fuck AND marry Naruto, and I’ll kill everyone else.
Suigetsu: Damn it, Sasuke. That’s not how the game works.
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kakairuincorrectquotes · 22 hours ago
Kakashi: [pointing] May I sit there?
Iruka: That’s my lap.
Kakashi: That doesn’t answer my question, Iruka.
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animetrashmuffin · a day ago
Tumblr media
Based on this post by @kakairuincorrectquotes
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mikamikenshin · a day ago
Itachi:God has made you so beautiful. Sometimes i wonder if god loved you more thah other women.
Itachi:You're unfairly gorgeous.
Konan:You're flattering me,itachi.
Nagato:'dammit he's doing what i couldn't do in thirty years'
Obito:Which is stealing konan's heart?
Nagato:(jumps off his seat) DUDE YOU CAN HEAR MY THOUGHTS?!?
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ponury-grajek · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I found this incorrect quote and I couldn't help drawing it
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ace-shikamaru-quotes · 6 months ago
Genma, proctoring the Chuunin exams: This is the closest thing we have to therapy so if you have any trauma to unload make sure to say it during your turn in the Pit
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incorrectkonoha · a day ago
[Can I copy your homework?]
Rock Lee: I can help you with it!
Hinata: Of course!
Sakura: Yeah, just change it a little.
Shikamaru: Bold of you to assume I did the homework.
Neji: No
Naruto: Wait, we had homework???!
Sasuke: *read 5:55pm*
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Kakashi: Let's watch the Icha Icha Paradise movie tonight.
Iruka: Again? Alright, if you want.
Kakashi, seductively: We can make out during the good parts.
Iruka: The...good parts??
Iruka: If you didn't want me to kiss you, you could've just said that.
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animetrashmuffin · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Based on this post by @kakairuincorrectquotes
The last panel is maybe my favorite thing I’ve drawn in awhile XD
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[Sasuke and Sakura visit Konoha in middle of their journey]
Lee: Sakura-san! You are finally back! So, Ino-san told me that Sasuke-kun is no longer your boyfriend. Is it really true!??
Sakura, chuckling: Yup, He is my ex-boyfriend-
Lee,cutting in: REALLYY!?? Wow That's great! So, Will go on YOUTHFUL D-
Sasuke: -and her present Husband.
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quotesnarutoincorrect · 7 months ago
Naruto; hey, wanna help me commit a crime?
Shikamaru; What the hell?!
Naruto; Oh, sorry, my bad.
Naruto; (whispering) wanna help me commit a crime?
Shikamaru; (whispering) of course, Naruto, what do you need?
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opulentwhimsy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
It took a million years but I finally drew one of my favorite incorrect quotes :,^)
Based on this post by @kakairuincorrectquotes ❤️
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xkaileo · 2 months ago
Sakura, Sasuke & Naruto: *screaming*
Kakashi: *runs into the room* What's wrong, Sasuke?!
Sakura: Wait, why are you asking Sasuke that when Naruto and I are also here?
Kakashi: Because Sasuke wouldn't scream unless it's an emergency. You two scream whenever you have the chance.
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