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Fun Fact

The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#incorrect petermj

Peter: My anxiety is killing me today.

Ned: Fight ittt.

Peter: Kinda hard when you’re on the edge of a panic attack.

MJ: Well, don’t do that.

Peter: Thanks, I can feel the anxiety flowing out of my body in waves. I am finally calm.

MJ: Nice to know you still have your sarcasm.

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Ned: ohh, you smart.

Peter: Sì

Ned: Mon

Peter: No

MJ: What’s wrong with Simon

Peter: Everything.

Ned: Wow, that’s just simonist . What happened to equality?

Peter: We will never be equal to robots. Might as well give up now.

Peter: Plus there is no equality when it comes to names. There are top notch, good quality names out there, then there are stupid names.

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Peter: I must say, this doesn't feel like a very effective mode of transportation.
Michelle: Peter.
Peter: I mean, it feels like we're going in circles.
Michelle: Peter, it's a carousel.
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