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#incorrect queen quotes
Freddie explaining Get Down, Make Love to the band:
Freddie: So, the beginning and the end are about sex, and it's raw and dirrrty and very rock'n'roll.
Roger: It's PErfECT!!
Freddie: And the middle is without any real lyrics and it sounds like giant alien bats fighting in space.
Brian: I *love* it.
John: (looking at the camera like he's in The Office) If you shake their heads for too long, their brains will seep out through their ears.
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how queen’s “don’t try suicide” should have gone:

don’t you dare fucking commit suicide or i’ll get a diamond and resurrect your fuckin punk ass.

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another inspirational quote for yall

interviewer: is there anything inspirational you would like to tell your fans?

brian: always remember, there’s a light at the end of every tunnel.

freddie: hard work always pays off, look at us now, we’ve come on so far.

roger: nothing is impossible

roger: (reconsidering) apart from those freaking galileos I’M SORRY MY VOICE ISN’T LIKE A FRIGGIN SQUEAKY TOY

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Roger: So what’s Brian’s type?
Tim: Blonde, talented, smart, not too tall, oblivious, blue-eyed, good sense of humor, musician
Roger: Sounds kind of like me. Too bad we’re just friends
Tim: Did I mention oblivious?
Roger: Yeah, why?
Tim: Okay, just making sure
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