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#incorrect quotes
incorrectsterekquotes · an hour ago
derek: A friend of yours called.
peter: A friend?
derek: Well, an enemy.
peter: Oh! Which one?
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carmen-sandal-eggos · 11 hours ago
King, about Raine: Eda got a partner? You know what this means, Luz?
Luz: That the owl house is gonna have a bigger family?
King: Well that yes, but more importantly: more people to make us snacks and take us to the park!
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incorrectbuddie · 23 hours ago
Eddie: I should warn you, I’m not very good at keeping secrets from Buck. He has been know to use physical torture.
Chimney: You mean he tickles you.
Eddie: As I said, physical torture.
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 22 minutes ago
Artificer: Why is Wizard crying?
Bard: They took one of those ‘Which DnD class are you like?’ quizzes…
Artificer: Oh man, who’d they get?
Bard: Sorcerer…
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incorrect-supercorp · 22 hours ago
kara: *sets capri-sun down*
kara: okay i'm ready to do sex
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ahsoka: so what does caf taste like? 
anakin: not as good as it smells. 
ahsoka: so like shampoo? 
anakin: exactly. 
obi-wan, overhearing the conversation:
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(caleb): what was your first language?
(beauregard): talking shit.
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incorrectsterekquotes · 6 hours ago
the pack: You bought us gifts?
erica: Oh, I wouldn't say bought exactly... I obtained.
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incorrect-supercorp · 22 hours ago
Lena: Guys, I’ve been meaning to tell you… Kara and I are dating.
Sam, Ruby and Kara: *Gasps*
Lena: Kara, why are you surprised?!
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just-another-wanda-fan6 · 15 hours ago
Wanda: We need to get through this locked door. Yelena, give me your credit card.
Yelena: Here.
Wanda, pocketing it: Thanks. y/n, kick down the door.
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Stan: I'm leaving for three days. Soos is in charge. I've left notes for each of you with instructions.
Mabel: Mine just says "Mabel, no."
Stan: And you can apply that to every possible situation.
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incorrectmarvelquote · 19 hours ago
Tony: [lost Peter in a store] MARCO
Peter: [from a distance] POLO
Tony: [sighs] That came from the candy aisle didn’t it
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Tony: Genuine question: where do people get pears??? I literally have never seen one in person. As a kid I thought they were made up for animal crossing, like persimmons.
Stephen: ... Tony, I don't know how to tell you this, but persimmons are also real.
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