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#incorrect quotes
Germany, looking into the camera like he's in a documentary: Feliciano Vargas, the personification of the country Italy and my ally have 51 distinct hugs, and I've taken time to understand the subtle meaning and usage behind each and every one.
Italy, hugging Germany: I love you Germany!
Germany, without hesitation: Number 23, a quick congratulatory hug he does for his friends. A true classic.
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Shakespeare: MC! Come away with me! We’ll see the world together and it shall be magnificent!

Vincent: Is he aware he’s talking to a crude drawing Theo made of MC and not.. MC herself?

Sebastian: I’m just here to see how long it takes until he realizes we’re watching.

Shakespeare: Fair dove, why do you pain me with this silent torture? Have I offended you?

Sebastian, sipping tea: We’ll be here a while.

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Adrien: I like everything about you. Just the other day, someone asked me who the most beautiful person in the world was. You know what I said?
Kagami, blushing: What did you say?
Adrien: I said... [sees Marinette with binoculars in a tree outside the window] Marinette?
Kagami: You said Marinette?!
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