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#incorrect quotes harry potter
feministfangirl1 · 4 months ago
Somewhere in the books
Dumbledore: You need to understand, Snape had a terrible childhood.
Harry: I understand. I'm having a terrible childhood right now.
Hermione and Ron: *Slow clap*
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brunettebaguette · 2 months ago
Draco, trying to ask Harry out: Pros and Cons of dating me.
Draco: Pros. You'll have a cute boyfriend.
Draco: Cons. [Taking out a list] Holy shit, where do I begin.
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discoontoast · 5 months ago
Lucius to Draco: the key to being a good thief is being nice and stealthy
Lucius, smashes a window: like a mouse
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incorrectmultifan · a year ago
Hermione: I am at loss for words
Harry: *narrating* despite being at loss for words, she proceeded to yell at us for the next 10 minutes
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zaina-xoxo · 2 months ago
Peter: Dumbest scar stories! Go!
James: I burned my tongue today morning, while drinking tea!
Sirius: I have a piece of graphite stuck in my leg, by accidently stabbing myself with a pencil once.
Lily: I dropped my hair dryer on my leg once, and burned it.
Remus: ...
Remus: I have emotional scars.
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