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#incorrect red arrow

Roy: Hey, have you ever been arrested?

Jason: Yeah. Why?

Roy: I was gonna say “because it’s illegal to be that cute” but now I’m intrigued

Jason: Assault and arson.

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green arrow: this seems like a nightmare. seven batmen here.. surrounding us.

flash: we’re gonna die.

dick, jason, tim, stephanie, damian, cassandra, and duke dressed up as Batman: trick or treat!

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Jason: *Muttering lowly* The floor is wet.

Roy: What? I didn’t hear you.

Jason: *Ignores Roy*

2 minutes later

Roy: *On the floor*  I hate everything.

Jason: *Smirking* I warned you. It’s not my fault you didn’t hear me.

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Jason: *Is out looking for Tim and describing him to Roy to help find him* Well, he’s short, he has dark hair, and- *Very loudly* -He hates this Kryptonian named Kon.

A nearby bush: No, he doesn’t.

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Jason: *Looks at his phone* My phone’s dying.

Jason: My computer’s dying.

Jason: *Looks at Roy* Your phone’s dying. What else is dying?

Jason: Also my will to live.

Roy: Jaybird… No…

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A Series of Incidents
Jason: How the heck do you keep finding me!?
Y/n: It’s actually pretty easy. Just follow all that drama, anger, and angst, and lo behold. I find you.
Joker: What the hell did I do this time!?
Y/n, as H/n: You were using up too much oxygen.
Y/n: Why is that every time I see you, you’re causing some sort of commotion!?
Dick: I don’t cause commotions, I am one.
Bruce: I am at a loss for words.
Y/n: And despite being at a loss of words, Bruce yelled at me for the next 15 minutes.
Talia: I wouldn't say I'm mean, I just get hired to do mean things.
Y/n: Yes, but you like it.
Talia: I think it's important to like what you do.
Y/n *to herself*: It’s messed up, but he’s a cute bro. If only he would say something that was remotely smart.
Tim: Oh, I got it! The map was upside down!
Wally: Y’all are mean.
Y/n: Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was a crime to want to, I don’t know, LIVE PAST THE AGE OF TWENTY.
Y/n: And now commences our weekly 'Talk Shit About Our Mentors' club. We shall start with a short speech from Roy Harper.
Roy: My favourite time and day of the week is here. We shall now begin. Donna?
Donna: I'm the therapist. Jason continue.,
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