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#incorrect renga quotes
huachengslastbraincell · 2 hours ago
Langa [holding door]: After you
Reki: No, after you
Langa: I insist, after you
Miya [sighing]: This is going to go on forever so, Langa, do us all a favor and carry that bisexual disaster through the door.
Reki: What-
Langa: Oh, that's good plan!
Reki: Wait-
Langa: [carries Reki through the door looking proud af]
Reki: [blushing aggressively]
Miya: [looking into the camera like in the Office]
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huachengslastbraincell · 2 hours ago
Shadow: This cake is pretty but probably doesn't taste good.
Miya: Just like Reki.
Reki: Pardon me, bitch?
Langa: I'd like to formally disagree with that statement.
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tasteslikedamnation · 2 hours ago
Reki: Hey Cherry, how are you doing?
Cherry: I've got this terrible headache that comes and goes
Joe: *enters the room*
Cherry: There it is
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i-am-very-not-aight · 4 hours ago
Langa: Let's play truth or dare!
Reki: hmm, okay, truth.
Langa: How many hours have you slept this week?
Reki: .....Dare.
Langa: Go to sleep.
Reki: I hate this game.
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tasteslikedamnation · 9 hours ago
Cherry: *Sneezes*
Cherry: Are you not going to say bless you?
Joe: You’re sitting next to me, you’ve clearly been bessed. 
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huachengslastbraincell · 13 hours ago
Reki: [catches a snack with his mouth]
Langa: Wooooow! Reki, that was so cool! You're so cool, babe. Oh my God, Reki is so cool, guys.
Langa: Did you just see that?
Langa: God, he's the coolest.
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i-am-very-not-aight · 19 hours ago
Nanako: *looses Langa at the grocery store*
Nanako: I'm sorry, have you seen my son?
Nanako: Roughly average height, blue hair, blue eyes?
Nanako: Clearly gay but we havent had the talk yet.
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i-am-very-not-aight · 22 hours ago
Reki: You're the love of my life and my best friend, I would do anything for you.
Langa: I want you to eat three meals a day and have a decent sleep schedule.
Reki: Absolutely not.
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i-am-very-not-aight · 23 hours ago
Langa: It’s dark in here
Reki: Don’t worry dude I got this
Reki: *Stomps his feet*
Reki: *Skechers light up*
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i-am-very-not-aight · a day ago
Joe: How do Reki and Langa usually get out of messes?
Miya: They don't, they just create a bigger mess that cancels out the first one.
Reki and Langa, clinging to eachother as they go down the track at high speeds, both of their boards broken and only 5 working wheels between them but miraculously still moving:
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tpnnstuff · a day ago
Reki: Literally everyone thinks we're dating.
Langa: I know, it's so weird right?
Reki: We're gay, aren't we?
Langa: Oh yes, very.
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i-am-very-not-aight · a day ago
Langa: Ugh, I didn't sleep at all last night
Joe: You know what they say, if you can't sleep that means someone's thinking about you!
Langa: Who is thinking about me at 3am?
Reki, who woke up that morning after dreaming about Langa being the Prince to his princess Cindereki:
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akiiramenaii · a day ago
Reki: Hey, you want some leftovers?
Langa: What's that?
Reki: You've never had leftovers???
Langa: No, because I'm not a quitter.
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akiiramenaii · a day ago
Langa: That’s one of my biggest fears. Like, if I ever woke up as a donut...
Reki: You would eat yourself?
Langa: I wouldn’t even question it.
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akiiramenaii · a day ago
Reki: Langa was banned from the chicken shack, so we had to go out of town to get some.
Langa: Well, they shouldn’t say “all you can eat” if they don’t mean it.
Reki: Langa, you ate a chair.
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i-am-very-not-aight · a day ago
Miya: Okay ENOUGH.
Miya: No more talking about Reki.
Langa: But you told me to get it out of my system.
Miya: Yea, before I realized your system was a bottomless fucking pit.
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