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#incorrect rwby

Ruby: Can you please pass the salt, Daddy?

Taiyang: *Reaches for the salt*

Qrow: *Reaches for the salt*

Oscar: *Reaches for the salt*


Taiyang: *Glares at Oscar*

Qrow: *Glares at Oscar*

Oscar: *Rethinks his decisions in life*

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Weiss: You know, you keep hugging Oscar whenever he’s upset

Ruby: Yeah. So what?

Weiss: If you keep doing that, he’ll get the wrong idea and might end up falling for you. Is that what you want?

Ruby: *scoffing* Is that what I want?

Yang, loudly over the intercom: Yes!

11 notes

Ruby, in some conversation (I dont wanna figure out context): ha! What? It’s not like anyone likes me~

Nora, Yang, Qrow: *burst out laughing*

Blake and Ren: 😑

Weiss and Jaune: *face palming*

Oscar: *panicking, but hiding his grin behind his hand*

(Ozpin: she really is that bad, isn’t she?)

16 notes

(RWBY volume 7, when the crew gets new outfits)

Oscar: *eating in the cafeteria while everyone else gets their outfits ready*

Ruby: *comes whooshing in and rematerializes in front of the food counter* FOOD!

Oscar: *sees Ruby’s outfit*

Oscar: *chokes on his sandwich and starts coughing*

Ruby: *comes and sits across from him with her tray* Oscar? Are you okay?

Oscar, between coughs: don’t… worry about it! … totally fine…

Ruby: *shrugs and starts eating*

Oscar: *literally cannot look at Ruby for the rest of lunch and has to rely on JNR to keep him from talking to her*

29 notes

Blake, angry: Were you dropped on your head as a child?!

Weiss: Bold of you to assume I was ever held

19 notes

Ruby: Oscar, you’re losing a lot of blood. What’s your type?

Oscar: black hair, silver eyes, and wears a red cape

Ruby, blushing: I meant blood type!!!


Oscar: how am I supposed to know?! I literally lived in the middle of nowhere and haven’t seen a doctor in 5 years.

Ruby: if I called your parents would they know?

Oscar: my parents are dead

Ruby: if I called some relative, would they know?

Oscar: my aunt doesn’t have a phone.


Oscar: if I don’t make it, I want you to know that I really really like you

Ruby, blushing and crying: dang it, I like you too

Weiss: *rolls eyes* For Pete’s sake, Klein just go get some O-.

Yang, holding a recording camera: no, let them finish, this is beautiful

63 notes

(During the conversation about the “turning into birds” thing.)

Qrow: Raven was one cranky pregnant lady. Though to be fair, if I laid an egg that size…

(Yang’s eyes widen.)

Ozpin: He’s kidding, Ms. Xiao Long.

(Source: Justice League Unlimited)

58 notes

Weiss: at dinner with my family do NOT talk about politics

Ruby: got it


Jacques: so what are your political beliefs?

Ruby,caught off gaurd,dropping fork in surprise: w-well i, think uh, pikachu would be a lot more powerful if he,uh,if he had a gun

51 notes

Weiss walks into her dorm room

Jaune: Hey Weiss

Ren: Hello

Oscar: Welcome Back

Weiss: Hello, people who do not live here. I gave you that key for emergencies!

Jaune: But there was an emergency!

Weiss: And what was it?

Oscar: We ran out of Doritos

47 notes


Team JNOR birthday headcanon:

Imagine one day Nora just wakes up and tells her boys “we’re gonna celebrate my birthday today” (because, as an orphan, she probably doesn’t know when that crap actually is).

And then Ren is like “Nora, you said that five months ago.”

And Nora’s like, “I just don’t understand why we only take ONE DAY a year to celebrate ourselves. I think I deserve at least four.”

Ren: “No, this has gone on for too long. Just pick a day.”

Nora: “Well I don’t know! When are your guys’?”

Jaune: “June 6”

Oscar: “November 20”

Ren: “March 10”

Nora, pulling out calendar: “… so, strategically, for maximum party opportunity, I should put my birthday in, like, August or September.”

Ren: *drags hands down his face*

Jaune: *is helping Nora find the day of equalibrium*

Oscar: “I just want to grow up.” 🥲

Oh how I love this chaotic family. 💛💖🧡💚

51 notes

Weiss: Yang, I’ve never Dine & Dashed before and I don’t wish to start now

Yang: Uh…Well, remember whenever I’d take you to a nice restaurant and I would ask you to wait in the car while I paid?

Weiss: Yes?

Yang: Did you ever wonder why I was running to the car?

Weiss: Oh Oum, I’m a criminal!

Blake: Technically, you’re an accessory

40 notes

Weiss: *Is Choking*

Yang: Help! I need to call 911 but the 9 button isn’t working!

Ruby: Just turn it upside down and use the 6!

Oscar: Ruby, I love you but…*Sighs* I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try?

Weiss: *stops choking momentarily* What the f*ck?!

68 notes

Emerald: About a week ago, I accidentally slept with Mercury

Neo:… Really?

Emerald: Yes

Neo: You accidentally slept with Mercury?

Emerald: Yes

Neo: Accidentally?

Emerald: Yes

Neo: I don’t get it, did you trip on something?

32 notes

Iceberg Fail 2

Blake and Sun: *sharing a smoothie using that couples double-split, being happy*

Neptune: *using the straw upside down to gulp down two drinks at once*

Weiss: *comes in* Hey Neptune I can take the place of that straw, cause you can suck me

Neptune: Not now Weiss I’m tryna fill up on two drinks at once

Weiss: Ok

9 notes

Iceberg Fail 1

Blake and Sun: *dancing together happily at the school dance*

Neptune: *dancing with a plastic chair cause he has no one as a date*

Weiss: *comes up to Neptune* Hey Neptune, how bout I take the place that chair you got, cause I’d be much better as a dance partner and much better for sitting on

Neptune: IDK I’m pretty happy with this chair it’s very sexy

Weiss: …

7 notes

Weiss teaching Ruby to drive: Okay, you’re driving and Oscar and Jaune walk into the road. What do you hit?

Ruby: Oh, definitely Jaune. I couldn’t hurt Oscar

Weiss: *Massaging her temples* The brakes, Ruby. You hit the brakes

179 notes

“I demand to be acknowledged!!”

-Jaune when he turned evil

2 notes

Ruby: Please Oscar, don’t do it. I love you!

Oscar: I’m sorry, I have to

Ruby: Oscar, please I’m begging you. After all we’ve been through together….

Oscar: I’m sorry

[Places +4 Card]

Oscar: Uno

155 notes

Ruby: Hey, I finished my vows! Take a look

Weiss and Yang read Ruby’s Vows

Ruby: Well, what do you think?

Weiss: *With tears in her eyes* Aw, Ruby…

Yang: *Trying her best not to cry* I have never known love like this

Ruby: You really like it?

Weiss: Of course! How did you write this?

Ruby: I stole Oscar’s and changed the name. Shh

Weiss: You can’t do that!

Yang: If she goes first, she can!

84 notes