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#incorrect rwby quotes

‘Like an Animal’

Ruby: I’ll just track the noise outside!

Ruby running fast to go outside

Weiss: What? I - is she like an animal? (shouting)

Penny: Huh? Animal…

Penny’s having images of Ruby sitting like a dog having a tail wagging and dog ears woofing.

Penny hands on her face,eyes closed blushing

Penny: A dog?

Penny: So adorable!(smiling and blushing)

Then she looks up thinking imagining Ruby like a cat lying on a floor scratching her face, purring at the same time she said as she puts her palm together

Penny: Ruby being a kitty is nice too.

Penny face move slowly from left to right, both of hands on her cheeks blushing and happy while she said at the same time

Penny: So cute!

Penny: Wait, but what if she’s a wild wolf instead…..

Then she stop, and starts thinking again, facing front view her hands on her chin imagining Ruby kneeling on a floor like a wolf do, wagging her tail smiling.

Penny closes her eyes blushing and smiling, her both hands on her cheeks again , slowly swaying her head a little from left to right

Penny: I can’t seem to make a choice!

While Blake and Weiss said at the same time as the two has disappointed look on their faces while looking at Penny.

Blake: -Unbelievable.

Weiss: -Unbelievable.

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