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#incorrect rwby quotes

Emerald, bursting through the door: HOW DARE YOU?!

Mercury, instantly: How dare ME? How dare YOU-

Mercury: Wait, wait, what is this about again?

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Jaune: I’m Uno!

Nora: In Dous!

Ren: I’m quatro.

Oscar: What happened to Tres?

Jaune: We do not speak of Tres..

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Jaune: And, like, you guys go on all those long, long walks in the woods. How awkward would it be if one of you were gay?

Yang, glancing at Blake: Yeah, it would be awkward if ONE of us were gay

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Ruby: I’m so ready to be able to legally drink

Ruby: Only eating all these years has left me very thirsty

Ruby: I have heard very good things about water

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(my personal bumbleby headcanon is this happening and i take no criticism)

yang: brb babe gotta go fistfight a group of 20+ people, blow up a club and destroy a horde of grimm with my bare hands real quick

blake: ok!! see you at home!!

blake: stay safe though 🥺


ill have um.. an extra large of badass fighting gfs with …fries and a sprite

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Jaune, at Pyrrha’s funeral: Do you want to hear what I have for a eulogy so far?

Ren: Sure

Jaune: *Takes a deep breath*





Jaune: That’s all I have

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Ruby: Don’t let anyone else ruin your day!

Yang: Yeah! You gotta take matters into your own hands! RUIN YOUR OWN DAY!

Ruby: NO!

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Yang, teaching Blake spanish: Yo entiendo.

Ruby: I also… play nintendo.

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Pyrrha: Do you think different paints have different tastes?

Nora: They do

Pyrrha: …why did you say that with such certainty?

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Neptune: According to this police report, we’ve got a homicide victim…

Sun: Cause of death: suicide.

Neptune: Huh? The victim was beaten to death.

Sun: Suicide.

Neptune: He had shotgun blasts riddling his body!

Sun: Still a suicide.

Neptune: And there were eyewitness reports of a “red-eyed supernova”.

Sun: Definitely suicide.

Neptune: I don’t believe you.

Sun: Keep reading the report.

Neptune: “Victim was last seen… making derogatory sexual comments to Yang Xiao Long.”

Sun: (nods)

Neptune: So… suicide?

Sun: Case closed.

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Ruby: *ordering a cake on the phone*

Baker: So what would you like the cake to say?

Ruby, covering her phone to ask her wife: Weiss! Do we want a talking cake!?!?

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Ruby: I love you

Weiss: I love you too

Ruby: This is real

Weiss: I know

Ruby: You’re my wife!

Weiss: You’re my wife!

Ruby: You married me in front of people!

Weiss: I did! I was there!

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Qrow: I like my men how I like my coffee

Qrow: *Eyeing up Clover as he pours whiskey into his mug*

Qrow: Irish

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Yang: Or, we do this the old-fashioned way!

Yang: *Pulls out a molotov cocktail*

Jaune: How did you make that so fast?!

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Willow: Weiss, get that hideous thing out of my house!

Weiss, to Jacques: Mom wants you out of the house.

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Blake: *walks in, visibly embarrassed*

Weiss: What’s wrong?

Blake: Yang said Happy birthday to me.

Nora: Well, that’s good, isn’t it?

Blake: You two don’t understand.

Blake: I said Happy birthday to her back.

170 notes
<b>Ruby, looking at the stars:</b> Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?<p/><b>Weiss, looking at her:</b> Yeah, I guess so<p/></p>
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Qrow: I think I should adopt another kid.

Qrow: No, wait, I already have nine of them.

Yang, Jaune, Oscar and Ren: *come back with Emerald*

Qrow: Ten.

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Ruby: It’s crazy how Leonardo could paint and invent all those things and still find the time to be a crime-fighting turtle.

Jaune: And he was amazing in Titanic.

Nora: A real Renaissance man.

Ren: What the fuck.

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