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#incorrect sanders sides quotes

Patton: Babe, what is this? *holds up deaged Remus*

Janus: *looks up for a second*

Janus: Demon spawn.

Patton: And this one? *holds up deaged Roman*

Janus: *looks up for a second*

Janus: Angel child.

Logan: I’m impressed. No one else could tell them apart.

Janus: Rip to you two but I know our kids apart by sight alone.

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Virgil, about to fall asleep: I am tired.

Patton, holding him: sleep here!

Virgil: can’t, I should go home. *moves*

Patton: but you are tired, you shouldn’t drive your car, then. *tugs him back into his arms*

Virgil: b- *moves*


virgil: okay. *stays* u right.

[please don’t Tag/add romantic m/xiety on my post💜]

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Logan: Janus, quick, kiss me.

Janus: And just why would I do that?

Logan: To make Remus jealous and want to bother us so I can flirt with him too.

Janus: In that case. *drags Logan down onto the couch to kiss him*

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Regressed Janus: Virgil, up?

Virgil: Sorry, kid, I don’t do pity hugs.

Janus: *quiet resign to sit on the floor alone*

Virgil: *muttering* Shit, shit, shit. Actual kid. *picks him up and lets Janus hug him like a koala*

Virgil: I’m sorry, kid, I didn’t mean it. I thought it was big Janus.

Janus: Bottle ‘n’ stuffie ‘n’ movie?

Virgil: Of course.

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Patton: Virge, honey? What’s wrong?

Virgil: Need the hugs. I need the hugs.

Patton: Aw, precious boy. C’mere, Dad’ll give you hugs.

Virgil: *paws at Patton for hugs*

Patton: *picks him up and sits on the couch with him, fingers in his hair* Precious clingy son. I’m so proud you asked for help when you needed it.

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Janus, stumbling because his blood sugar’s low: Logan, what’s happening?

Logan: Sit with me. Here.

Janus: But it’s the floor, Logan.

Logan, guiding Janus to sit on the floor with him: *mouthing to Remus* Get him food.

Logan: It’s fine. I want to be here with you.

Janus: *laying against him* I love you, you know.

Logan: Yes, I know. Just rest.

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Roman: I have no clue what I’m doing but I’m doing it anyway!

*an hour later*


Logan: Oh goodie, I’m a mother again.

Remus: *plunks Roman down in Logan’s lap*

Logan: This is mine and he is precious. I would kill for his happiness.

Remus: And I am immediately backing up.

Logan: Backing up means you’re guilty of making him unhappy. Bow, sinner.

Remus: I’m innocent I swear! It’s not my fault he got scared of me at first! It’s scary seeing someone that much taller than you!

Logan: You may live. For now.

Remus: Oh thank God.

Logan: Come play with the baby. I need to make him food.

Remus: I’m gonna be the best goddamn big brother. Aren’t I little guy?

Roan: *happy squealing as he plays with Remus’ mustache*

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Logan: I’m not entirely sure you know what’s happening right now.

Remus: Well, I mean, if you’re still talking about the probability a real-life bigfoot, we’ve already been over that he’s real. But if you’re talking about the probability of being killed by lightning again, the chanced are 0.0005532626 percent at best.

Logan: I  will never question you again, thank you.

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