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#incorrect sanders sides quotes
Remus: How do vampires shave when they can't see themselves in the mirror?
Deceit to Roman: You take this one. I spent an hour last night on 'what happens when zombies can't find any flesh to eat? they can't starve to death they're already dead'
Virgil: Well groomed vampires meet up in pairs and shave each other, case closed.
Logan, popping up: ACTUALLY, back when vampires were popular, silver was considered a "holy" metal, and demons/unholy things couldn't interact with it. Back then, mirrors were backed with silver, but now they are backed with other things, ergo, a vampire can see their reflection. Any questions?
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Deceit: This afternoon I pointed at the crayons and asked Remus what’s in the box and he just went on saying “chaos!” “chaos!”

I know he’s trying to say crayons but—

Logan [looking at the doodled wall]: He’s not wrong.

Deceit [sipping his drink quietly]: Nope.

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Thomas: So how are all of you dealing with quarantine?

Deceit: Quarantine is so boring, I’ve resorted to trying to bury myself in the gardens on multiple occasions.

Remus: Drugs and alcohol are my lord and savior now, Thommy.

Logan, beating everyone with a ruler: Six feet, heathens!

Virgil: Cute compilation videos and my dog are my only sanity.

Patton: Well, I just keep making food and pretending it’s a normal day!

Roman: I’ve tried to self-isolate myself seven times but Remus keeps breaking down the wall in our room screaming “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” and then throwing bricks at me, so yeah. It’s going great.

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Roman: I’ve adopted a dozen chickens.

Remus: And I’ve adopted twelve ducks.

Virgil: I have about a good dozen and a half cats.

Logan: I have a three birds.

Patton: I’m happy with my six puppies.

Deceit, appreciating his three dozen snakes from afar: Hah, newbs.

Thomas: Why is it that, when I leave you all alone, you all go crazy?

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Roman: *making everyone breakfast*

Virgil: There’s my pretty prince. Hazel’s awake. You have about ten minutes before she comes down here and asks for her Mommy to kiss her good morning. *hugs up behind Roman and leans his head on Roman’s while Roman cooks*

Roman: You might be tall, and I may want nothing but you to drag me back to bed, but I’m making our family and our daughter breakfast and you and your hotness can wait until we’re alone.

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