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#incorrect she ra
Bow: Hey Adora, you seem down! What's wrong?
Adora: It's just Catra's death traps.
Bow: Yeah, those were stressful-
Adora: They're so impersonal now!
Adora: I mean, an electrified floor? One of my powers is absorbing energy! She forgot one of my powers! Where's the fear? The psychological torment?
[Bow takes a step back but Adora grabs him by the shoulders]
Adora: It was bad enough when she hated me, but what if she doesn't care at all?!
Bow: I'm not qualified to handle this level of gay drama
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perfumasflowers · 4 months ago
catra: seriously? you’re giving me a sticker ?
adora: yeah ! it’s a little puppy and it says ‘awesome job’ because you’ve been trying hard to be nicer recently and i appreciate it
catra: do i look like a 4 year old to you?
adora: fine, i’ll just keep it
catra: what? no! i earned this. back off !
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alysurr · 7 months ago
Sea Hawk: I am an expert at identifying birds!
Bow: Okay, and what about those over there?
Sea Hawk: Yep! Those are definitely birds!
Mermista: (groaning)
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incorrectsheraquotes · 12 months ago
Entrapta: Wanna help me with my wedding?
Hordak: Oh you're getting married?
Entrapta: Yeah!
Hordak: That's nice. What do you want me to do?
Entrapta: Be my husband.
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sithzuko · 11 months ago
catra: glimmer, tell adora she’s an idiot but i love her
glimmer: why don’t u tell her urself?
catra: bc we’re in a fight
glimmer: you’re sitting on her lap???
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vicsincorrectquotes · 15 days ago
Adora: How petty can you get?
Catra: I once edited a Wikipedia article to win an argument I was wrong about.
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sonic-awesome-ness · 24 days ago
*in a meeting*
Catra: Alright listen up! This rebellion is making moves on us so we to get a one up on them. This is are most important job ever so get your shit together which means...
Catra: No being sassy.
Lonnie whispering: dont give me a reason then.
Catra: No being the nice guy.
Kyle: i can only promise to try.
Catra: and for the love of the First ones, learn how to speak english.
Rogelio: *lizard nosies*
Lonnie: yeah you’re not the boss of us.
Catra: Actually at 12:00 today i will literally be the boss of all of you.
Hordes wards: *groans*
Catra: And im gonna ban groaning, no more group groaning.
Hordes wards: *groaning intensifies*
Catra: Thats right get em all out while you still can.
Hordak over the intercom: Catra i need to see you in my office.
Catra while grabbing a globe: HAHA! *throwing the glob down* SUCK MY DICK!!
*meanwhile with the rebellion*
She-ra smashing through the wall: EVERYONE REMEMBER TO DO TIME CARDS!!!
*She ra grabs Bow and begins shaking him*
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glimbowofbrightmoon · 9 months ago
Sea Hawk: *kisses Mermista*
Mermista: What's this?
Sea Hawk: Affection.
Mermista: Disgusting.
Mermista: Do it again.
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spopatlatlok · 9 months ago
Catra: My girlfriend is too tall for me to kiss her on the lips. What should I do?
Lonnie: Punch her in the stomach, then when she doubles over in pain, kiss her.
Bow: Tackle her.
Frosta: Dump her.
Mermista: Kick her in the shin.
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mcatra · a year ago
Alternate SPOP ending if it ended like a certain show/cough v*ltron
Best friend squad announced they hate each other, and split up in the epilogue. 
 Bow leaves the best friend squad halfway through fighting Horde Prime to go train with the star sisters for 2 years and adopts Melog. He discovers he is half Horde and tries to kill himself in the final battle but no one acknowledges it at all
 Adora briefly makes out with Horde Prime until he tries to kill her so she reluctantly dates Catra as her rebound after trying to murder prime’s mother. 
 Catra hits on every man on the show including sea hawk, but when she dates Adora she cuts contact with everyone to live on a farm by herself after Adora kills herself to save the universe. 
They erect a cool statue of she-ra in the local park in her honour. 
Glimmer is announced as gay with an ex gf who died in the war which is only confirmed on twitter 
Glimmer was replaced by a clone and marries a female incidental and all the princesses are there to celebrate.
Noelle pats herself on the back for telling such a rich and compelling story about the harshness of war.
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Catra, a doctor: Look, I know we used to date, but let's keep this professional, okay?
Adora: Okay!! So, did I break anything?
Catra, slamming down the X-Ray results: MY HEART!
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perfumasflowers · 18 days ago
bow: what do you think catra will do as a distraction ?
adora: maybe make a noise or .. throw a rock. something small to get their attention. that’s what i would do.
*building explodes & multiple car alarms go off*
adora: … or maybe she’ll do that
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alysurr · 11 months ago
Sea Hawk: What would you do if I was kidnapped?
Mermista: Wait until they voluntarily let you go.
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simply--luna · 6 months ago
incorrect she-ra:
lonnie: catra and adora sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. first comes one then comes the other now they're having a baby shower
catra: i don't have a crush on adora !
-like 10 years later-
lonnie: *at catra and adoras baby shower for finn*
lonnie: i was right?
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vicsincorrectquotes · 15 days ago
Scorpia: I turned out perfectly fine!
Perfuma: Scorpia, this morning you thought a ghost made your toast
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bisexualglimmer · 6 months ago
bow: please be careful you almost died
glimmer: you call it a near death experience
glimmer: i call it a vibe check
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