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#incorrect sherlock quotes
sherlock-wwatson · a day ago
John: do you like tall girls, short girls…m- mid height girls-
Sherlock: men.
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johnlock-hell-resident · 15 hours ago
Sherlock: *sneezes*
John: Love you
Sherlock: What?
John: !!!
Sherlock: What did you say?
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incorrectlysherlock · 7 months ago
Sherlock, on his phone at 2 a.m: Wow, a woman in Gloucestershire strangled her husband to death. Can you imagine just snapping like that?
John, trying to sleep next to him: Yes
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benaddicted-linfanuel · a month ago
John: I was Sherlock’s right hand arm. Man.
John: I was Sherlock’s everything. His confidant, his best friend.
John: His silly hedgehog.
Mary: His what.
John: His silly hedgehog.
Mary: His silly hedgehog?
John: Yes.
Mary: Is that what he called you?
John: No.
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lilysnotes · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Quote from @incorrectlysherlock !
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John: If you do that again I'll throw you out of the fucking window, I- Wait what are you doing?
Sherlock:Checking how high the drop is to see if it's worth it
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adams-left-hand · 2 months ago
sherlock: 911 what’s your emergency
greg: we’re at prom and someone’s been stabbed!
sherlock: calm down, we don’t want a panic! at the disco *smirk*
*i write sins not tragedies starts playing*
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thesmartone · 2 months ago
Greg: Kiss marry or kill-
John: Sherlock
Greg: But that's just one name
John: Sherlock.
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imagine221b · 16 days ago
Out shopping with Rosie:
Automatic door: *Opens*
Rosie: How did it do that?
Y/N: It's automatic. It knows you're there.
Rosie: But how?
Sherlock: There are wave bouncing detectors which emit high frequency radio waves and then look for reflections...
Rosie: *Dragging Y/N by the hand* Bananas!
Sherlock: *Following* Of course, bananas are far more interesting.
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Sherlock: Interesting. The odds of that happening coincidentally are vanishingly small.
Mycroft: I would say infinitesimally.
John: Yes, and I would say teenily weenily. We all know words
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johnlock-hell-resident · a month ago
Barista: Do you want anything?
Sherlock: You know what I want? I want a lot of things. I wanna be with the man I love on Valentine's Day. And I want him to love me back. And I want just one moment of relief from the gut-wrenching pain of knowing that's never going to happen.
Barista: We have red bagels
Sherlock: ... okay
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thequirkyotter · 3 months ago
*Lestrade is hesitant about allowing John to enter the crime scene initially*
Lestrade: Sherlock I’m breaking every rule letting you in here
Sherlock: But sir this is my emotional support Jawn
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Lestrade: Aren't you gay?
Sherlock : I like how you imply that I have done something heterosexual. If so, I apologize.
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Lestrade: How was the honeymoon?
John: Sherlock got drunk and ripped our marriage certificate saying, “Good luck trying to return me without the receipt.”
John: I love him.
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glowstar826 · 22 days ago
*sherlock drunkenly wanders around the house and john is drunkenly giggling*
mycroft, completely sober: *sighs* well, looks like it’s just me and you against the world, gregory.
greg, going to his room: nope, just you. *shuts the door*
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thesmartone · 2 months ago
Anthea: That's a great shirt Greg
Greg: Thanks Anthea
Anthea: It'd look even better on Mycroft's floor
Mycroft: .....are you hitting on Greg for me??
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imagine221b · 3 months ago
Sherlock: I'm so sorry to interrupt your dinner.
Y/N: How did you get in here?
Sherlock: I'm not here to discuss your lack of home security, I'm here to apologise.
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