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#incorrect spiderman quotes
Peter: I must say, this doesn't feel like a very effective mode of transportation.
Michelle: Peter.
Peter: I mean, it feels like we're going in circles.
Michelle: Peter, it's a carousel.
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Peter deciding to be annoying and sing the same song for the 5th time that morning: into the UNKNOWWWN-


Ned, holding back laughter:


Tony who was about to walk in with snacks:

Tony: *walks away*

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This was bound to happen eventually, always remember to watch out for pigeons 🤣.

A quick one to wrap up the night. Another all-nighter basically.

See, @yes-i-am-happyaspie? I told you I would tag you. Took a little longer that I thought, sorry about that. Hopefully the pigeon pic was similar to what you imagined.😅

Hope you like it.👍

Marvel, Sony, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko. ©

Art by Maryo274. ©

If you like my art support with a reblog, it is appreciated. 

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flash: i just don’t get axioms. they don’t make any sense.

peter: you’re overthinking it. it’s simple if you just think of it in parts. like the first axiom. if a=c and c=b then a=b

flash: easy for you to remember.

mj: here’s another way to remember. if peter = night monkey and night monkey = spider-man then peter = spider-man

flash: while that’s completely impossible, that does make it easier. 

peter, sweating nervously: 

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Steve: *angry about Peter being “too young” to be an avenger*

Peter mostly joking: I- fuck you too. I’m not that young

Steve, not being able to take a joke: >:0 how dare you

Tony: *silently gets popcorn*

Peter: Wha-?

Steve: you need to respect your elders >:((

Peter, raising an eyebrow: and you need to respect your youth, arent we the ones who decide whether to pull the plug when that time comes?

Steve: *chokes on elderlyness*

Tony: *chokes on his popcorn*

Tony, giving Peter a disapproving look: gimme a sec to talk to him

Steve: *leaves*

Peter, kinda nervous now: I’m sor-

Tony: *bursts out laughing*

Tony: That was the greatest shit I’ve ever witnessed in my life

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Peter: We鈥檙e drinking dead people tea?
Michelle: Aren鈥檛 we all?
Ned: That is a very fair point.
Peter: Very true. But you鈥檙e cultivating dead people for good tea?
Michelle: Aren鈥檛 we all?
Peter: Yeah, okay. Yeah. That鈥檚 a good point.
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Peter: I wasn't that drunk last night.
Michelle: You came into my room saying you were dressed to impress.
Peter: What was I wearing?
Michelle: You were naked.
Michelle: To be fair, you were very impressive.
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<p>: <b>Peter:</b> *looking at a piece of ravioli* Oh my gosh, Mr. Stark! The Cheese is wearing a shirt!<p/><b>Tony:</b> ...<p/><b>Peter:</b> ...<p/><b>Peter:</b> *gasping into his hand* Banana's wear shirts too!<p/></p>
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