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#incorrect spop
Bow: Hey Adora, you seem down! What's wrong?
Adora: It's just Catra's death traps.
Bow: Yeah, those were stressful-
Adora: They're so impersonal now!
Adora: I mean, an electrified floor? One of my powers is absorbing energy! She forgot one of my powers! Where's the fear? The psychological torment?
[Bow takes a step back but Adora grabs him by the shoulders]
Adora: It was bad enough when she hated me, but what if she doesn't care at all?!
Bow: I'm not qualified to handle this level of gay drama
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solqngelotp · 26 days ago
catra: do you want to know your gay name?
adora: my... my gay name?
catra: yeah, it's your first name-
adora: haha. very funny catra-
catra: *gets down on one knee* and my last name.
adora: oh- oh my god.
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perfumasflowers · 4 months ago
catra: seriously? you’re giving me a sticker ?
adora: yeah ! it’s a little puppy and it says ‘awesome job’ because you’ve been trying hard to be nicer recently and i appreciate it
catra: do i look like a 4 year old to you?
adora: fine, i’ll just keep it
catra: what? no! i earned this. back off !
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oh-my-gufking-god · a month ago
adora teaching catra to drive:
adora: ok, so you're driving and glimmer and shadow weaver walk into the road. what do you hit?
catra: the brakes?
adora: wrong. shadow weaver. you should always hit shadow weaver
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tyskerrie · 3 months ago
Catra: I love you, I always have
Adora:... wait, you love me?
Catra: Yes, how did you not know? It was obvious!
Adora: I love you too
Catra: wait...WHAT??
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alysurr · 7 months ago
Sea Hawk: I am an expert at identifying birds!
Bow: Okay, and what about those over there?
Sea Hawk: Yep! Those are definitely birds!
Mermista: (groaning)
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glimbowofbrightmoon · 5 months ago
glimmer: i want to wake up with you for the rest of my life
bow: i wake up at 5 AM
glimmer: i want to go to bed with you for the rest of my life
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evies20dollars · a year ago
Adora: [rolls over in bed and knees Catra in the ribs]
Catra: Ow! You kneed me.
Adora: [sleepily] Yeah, I do need you
Catra: [voice cracking] Okay  
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Catra, a doctor: Look, I know we used to date, but let's keep this professional, okay?
Adora: Okay!! So, did I break anything?
Catra, slamming down the X-Ray results: MY HEART!
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solqngelotp · 2 months ago
catra: everything
catra: except for the way i dress
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sithzuko · 11 months ago
catra: glimmer, tell adora she’s an idiot but i love her
glimmer: why don’t u tell her urself?
catra: bc we’re in a fight
glimmer: you’re sitting on her lap???
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perfumasflowers · 18 days ago
bow: what do you think catra will do as a distraction ?
adora: maybe make a noise or .. throw a rock. something small to get their attention. that’s what i would do.
*building explodes & multiple car alarms go off*
adora: … or maybe she’ll do that
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they-grow-up-so-fast · 23 days ago
No one:
Shadow Weaver's consistent history of abusing and manipulating kids:
Tumblr media
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Glimmer: Just try some light flirting, ya know? Be subtle.
Adora, nodding: I can do that.
Adora: Hey, Catra! High five!
Catra: *high-fives her*
Adora: *interlaces their fingers*
Adora: I'm in love with you.
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sonic-awesome-ness · 24 days ago
*in a meeting*
Catra: Alright listen up! This rebellion is making moves on us so we to get a one up on them. This is are most important job ever so get your shit together which means...
Catra: No being sassy.
Lonnie whispering: dont give me a reason then.
Catra: No being the nice guy.
Kyle: i can only promise to try.
Catra: and for the love of the First ones, learn how to speak english.
Rogelio: *lizard nosies*
Lonnie: yeah you’re not the boss of us.
Catra: Actually at 12:00 today i will literally be the boss of all of you.
Hordes wards: *groans*
Catra: And im gonna ban groaning, no more group groaning.
Hordes wards: *groaning intensifies*
Catra: Thats right get em all out while you still can.
Hordak over the intercom: Catra i need to see you in my office.
Catra while grabbing a globe: HAHA! *throwing the glob down* SUCK MY DICK!!
*meanwhile with the rebellion*
She-ra smashing through the wall: EVERYONE REMEMBER TO DO TIME CARDS!!!
*She ra grabs Bow and begins shaking him*
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