#incorrect star wars quotes
bibannana · 2 days ago
Tech: ...and there is no large nutritional value in this food source, meaning that it is an overall infeasible investment that I will not allow our credits to be wasted on. Further more...
*Hunter walks into see Tech pacing infront of Wrecker and Omega*
*Leans over to Crosshair who is in the doorway*
Hunter: What is happening??
Crosshair: Wrecker and Omega asked for fruit loops on our next shopping trip.
*Wrecker slams head on the table*
Crosshair *smirking*: He's been going for 10 minutes now
Echo left about 2 minutes into the lecture to buy food
He will definetly be buying fruit loops
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m1ndbrand · a day ago
Y/N: Can you turn on the light?
Anakin: I don't have to, you're the only light I need in my life.
Y/N: That's sweet Ani, but I literally just ran into a wall.
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chopper-base · 2 days ago
Crosshair: I need a lethal weapon
Hunter: you have one already?
Tech: technically, anything on this ship could be a lethal weapon of you tried hard enough.
Crosshair: ...
Crosshair: challenge accepted
Hunter: wait-
Crosshair: I'm gonna go murder someone with a weighted blanket-
This popped into my head when I realized @superiorsniper liked the weighted blanket🤣
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starwarslostclone · a day ago
Vader : *casually taking four stairs at a time*
Luke , falling behind, taking two stairs at a time: Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fu-
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Kit: I had a dream I was arrested for tax evasion, which is weird because I don’t even pay taxes.
Cin: ...that’s what tax evasion is.
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Jacen Solo: Hey Ben, could I crash at your place tonight?
Ben Skywalker: Let me ask my mom.
Jacen Solo: Your mom's dead!
Ben Skywalker: She said no.
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padawansuggest · 12 hours ago
Anakin and Ahsoka: *screeching as they wrestled down the hallway, lots of hair and lekku pulling and biting, unintelligible yelling and insults*
Mace: …are you just gonna let them act like that?
Obi-Wan: I have never been so excited to say something like this before, but here goes; they’re not my problem anymore :)
Mace: *deep sigh*
Ahsoka: *lets out a very real yelp after landing on random debris*
Anakin: *immediately moves from wrestling her to cuddling her, petting her lekku in comfort* Ouchie?
Obi-Wan: *rushes over to get on his knees next to them, looking at the tiny pinch mark on her side* Oh, my dear, it’s okay, just a little pinch, you’ll be fine.
Ahsoka: *being spoiled like the baby she is* :3
Mace: I don’t know why I bother. He obviously has them well in hand.
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sandsucks · a day ago
Ahsoka: Will I need a toothbrush?
Kidnapper: Shut up
Ahsoka: I guess that means you’ll be providing the toothbrush then
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sharpice113 · 2 days ago
Samakro: And this... Is a portrait of Senior Captain Thrawn
Thalias: No.. It's just a picture of manure!
Samakro: Ye- Have you heard Thrawn is slang for manure?
Ar'alani: I heard Samakro is slang for demoted
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clonememesfrikyeah · 15 hours ago
Fives: “uh ok, that’s not- that’s not supposed to happen-“
Hardcase moments before vaporizing the hanger door: “I know what’s wrong with it, it ain’t got no gas in it.”
Fives: *wheeze*
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ahhrenata · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
happy may the fourth 🥲
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bibannana · a day ago
"Yes. This is fine, and no I will not be taking any constructive criticism at this time. Thank you." - Arc Trooper Fives and Arc Trooper Echo
He said this to Rex after convincing some 501st shinies that he is practically a indestructible.
There is now a group that follow him and Echo around the barricks.
The shinies fall over themselves to impress Fives and Echo
Fives radiates Unruly Older Brother Energy.
Echo radiates Exhausted Mum Energy.
Rex has since banned Fives and Echo from talking to the shinies as they are menaces.
The shinies now follow Rex around as a consequence.
Rex radiates Exasperated Dad Energy.
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muguathepapaya · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
From this post
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chopper-base · 18 hours ago
Wolffe: I don't like morning people.
Wolffe: Or mornings.
Wolffe: Or people.
Fox: *drinking his eighth cup of caf* Same-
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starwarslostclone · 2 days ago
Luke : I hate how you're just born out of nowhere, and you're forced to go to school and get education so you can get a job. What if I wanted to be a duck? No one ever asked me if I want to be a duck!
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Nico: To avoid straining your eyes when you’re continuously working, follow the 20-20-20 rule.
Nico: After 20 minutes of work, look at something 20 feet away, then spend 20 years in the wilderness.
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I have decided that I am incompatible with this reality. Meet me in a parallel universe.
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padawansuggest · a day ago
Obi-Wan: I’m so tired of people trying to shake my hand. Do they not realize that’s how plagues are spread?
Quinlan: I know, just slap my ass, that’s all I need.
Mace: *tired sighing as he walks faster to get away from them*
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captainrexs · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrectdisasterlineage · a month ago
kidnapper: we have anakin skywalker.
obi-wan: please, put him on the comm.
kidnapper: go ahead, you’re on speaker.
obi-wan: again, anakin?
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