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#incorrect steve rogers
Steve: I have really high standards, I only fall in love with graceful-
Bucky :* stumbles into the room, knocking over a vase, startling two cats and landing flat on his face*
Steve:I want that one
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kyber-crystal · 11 months ago
Y/N: Here's a fun idea: we hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing the person we're caught underneath with, we have to FIGHT them.
Steve: No doll, we're not doing that.
Bucky, nodding: Mistlefoe.
Steve: Buck, DON'T encourage her-
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buckyscentedwho · 10 months ago
Peter: So what if he wins again?
Steve: We suck it up, I guess.
Bucky, cleaning his favorite shotgun: Not my first president, won't be my last.
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tinytony-snack · 7 months ago
Tony: What have you got there?
Steve, with his sketchbook full of drawings of Tony: Not secrets!
Tony: That was literally the worst answer you could have given.
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Bucky: Fuck you
Steve: Do it
Steve: You won't
Bucky, taking his shirt off: Bitch
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underoooos · 28 days ago
[Steve briefing their next mission to the team with the avengers chattering behind him]
Steve: *turns around sternly* Why do I hear people talking?
The avengers:
Peter: *mumbling* Maybe because you have ears, genius
Tony :
Tumblr media
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incorrecttmarvell · 28 days ago
bucky: look stop fucking around and show us your flying car tony
steve: yeah tony
tony: uh
bucky: your dad promised us a flying car tony
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