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#incorrect stucky quotes

Steve: Honey, I’m home! I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

Bucky: I’m the best sniper in history. I never miss.

Steve: …. I’m sorry?

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Bucky: Whenever Stevie’s mad at me, I go and tighten the lids on all of our jars so he has to get help from me.

*The sound of glass breaking in the background*

Bucky: It hasn’t worked yet, but it’ll happen

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Steve: Oh, Baby. I want you so much!

Bucky: Yeah? How much?

Steve: So bad.

Bucky: But do you want me more than the government ?


Bucky: They send me five summons this week alone.

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Tony: Welcome to the “Fuck Bucky Barnes” meeting!

Sam & Steve: Yeah!

Tony: Here we say “Fuck you, Barnes”.


Steve: There has been a mistake.

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BUCKY: “Steve, calm down! It was just a slice of apple-”

STEVE, outraged: “It was an ’ADAM’S APPLE’, Buck, therE’S DIFFERENCE!”

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Bucky: Steve, ask me why I love you.

Steve: …okay. Why do you love me, Buck?

Bucky, pulling out a 200+ slide presentation: I’m glad you asked.

(source: @godsofhumanity on tumblr)

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