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#incorrect stucky quotes
sodamnbored · 2 days ago
Steve: See you later Bucky, I’m off to fight crime!
Bucky, crossing his arms: Not dressed like that you’re not. It’s cold outside, take a sweater mister.
Steve, whining: Superheroes don’t wear sweaters Bucky.
Bucky: They do when it’s super cold outside.
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solarsystembitch · 9 days ago
Peter: So why do you love Bucky?
Steve: I love Bucky because he's my best friend and I'll be with him till the end of the line.
Peter: Bucky, why do you love Steve?
Bucky: big beefy man
Bucky: big beefy man make my heart go zoom
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stevebuckydogtags · 2 months ago
Narrative voice at Captain America's exhibition panel: and they were best friends since childhood...
Peter Parker at the school trip to the smithsonian with his class: omg they were best friends since childhood...
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Bucky: Fuck you
Steve: Do it
Steve: You won't
Bucky, taking his shirt off: Bitch
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hermyohkneegranger · 23 days ago
Shuri: So when’s your husband visiting again?
Bucky: Husband?
Shuri: You know? The one who comes super often. Blonde hair. Blue eyes.
Bucky: Steve?
Shuri: Yeah.
Bucky: Steve’s not my husband?
Shuri: Wait what?
Shuri: Are you sure he’s not your husband?
Bucky: I think I would know if I was married to the guy I’ve had a crush on my whole life.
Shuri: Oh. Makes sense.
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galigen · a month ago
Steve: Whoops.
Bucky: “Whoops?” “Whoops?”
Bucky: This is not a “Whoops” situation. We are far past whoops. Whoops is a distant speck in the rear view mirror. We are solidly in “Oh fuck” territory, and I expect you to act like it!
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countingbarnes · 2 months ago
T’Challa: The Avengers are arriving in 30 minutes.
Bucky: Does that include Steve?
T’Challa: …Yes?
Bucky: *sprints to the bathroom to fix his hair*
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myfaveotps43 · 2 months ago
Sam, obviously angry at something Steve did: Man, fuck Steve!
Bucky: Pal, been trying since the 30s but Captain Dumbass is denser than dense
Sam, with round eyes: Wait, what?
Nat, holding back laughter: What?
Steve, choking on his protein shake: Wait, WHAT?!
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Steve: I have really high standards, I only fall in love with graceful-
Bucky :* stumbles into the room, knocking over a vase, startling two cats and landing flat on his face*
Steve:I want that one
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incorrectpeterandbucky · 20 days ago
Bucky: Steve will never agree to this plan.
Peter: Sure he will!
Bucky: He already refused three times.
Peter: Okay, watch a master at work!
Peter, turning to Steve with puppy dog eyes: Mr. Rogers, can we—?
Steve: Yes.
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