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#incorrect supergirl quotes
incorrect-supercorp · 2 days ago
Kara: Do you have Anxiety Prime?
Kara: Amazon*
Lena: Yeah, I’ve got both.
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lonelydiary · a day ago
Lena: What are you doing?
Kara: Stargazing.
Lena: Why are there pictures of me taped to the ceiling?
Kara: The stars are beautiful tonight.
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ostropest · 3 months ago
Supergirl: [making list of animals that escaped]
Zookeeper: The tigers should be your top priority.
Supergirl: [scribbling out the ducks] Obviously.
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jpollens · a month ago
Kara:*munching on a choclate bar and popcorn watching the elevators*
Nia: What are you doing?
Kara: Waiting
Kara: She is going to do the thing!
Alex: Why are we starring at the elevators?
Nia: Apparently she is going to do the thing
Alex: What thing?
Kara: the thing!
*Elevator door dings*
Kara: Its happening
Lena:*walks out of the elevator*
Kara: *munching on popcorn*
Lena:*crosses her arms * Seriously kara
Kara: come on do the thing!
Lena:*Raises an eyebrow*
Kara:*happy squel*
Alex: What the hell did I just witness?
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arrowverse-bs · a month ago
Lena: Kara, can I speak to you for a moment? In private?
Kara: Oooh, someone’s in trouble.
Kara: It’s me. I don’t know why I did that.
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cryhavic · 2 months ago
Lena: *does magic*
Kara: magic, wow how amazing!
Lena: Kara magic's not real, obviously there's a scientific explanation. We just have to run some test.
Kara: Lena, you just snapped your fingers and made fire. That's magic.
Lena: I'm going to the lab to run more test.*disappears in puff of smoke*
Alex: that's how oblivious you sound when you say you don't have a crush on her.
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luthvrsangxl · 4 months ago
Lena: *struggling to retrieve items from the top shelf*
Kara: Do you need me to get that for you?
Kara: ...okay then.
Lena, moments later: *defeated sigh*
Lena: help mee...
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sprqpointintern · 3 days ago
Lena: Okay Kara, it's time to put the angel on top of the Christmas tree.
Kara lifts Lena up and puts her on top of the tree
Lena: 🥺🥺🥺
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incorrect-supercorp · a day ago
alex: *walks in on kara between lena's legs*
kara and lena: *freezes*
alex, exhausted (and absolutely cannot fucking do this anymore): when i said eat the rich that's not what i meant, kara
alex: and luthor, you're paying for my therapy. *slams the door*
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lonelydiary · a month ago
Lena: Don’t kill me, I have a wife!
Random villain: You think I care about that?
Lena: No, this isn’t a plea for mercy. It’s a warning.
Random villain: Wha-
Kara: [kicking down the door] ARE YOU READY TO DIE?!
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yuletidesquash · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Incorrect Supercorp quote: Insp from part of this Pete Holmes Skit
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supercorp-land · 6 months ago
Chyler: ... but YOU said “we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss” and I want to kiss Katie >:((
Cw: ...
Nicole: ...
Katie: ...
Mel: Hey! I-
Cw: Chyler, no
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thebreakfastgod · 2 months ago
Kara: please kiss me again I promise I won’t say poggers afterwards this time
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jpollens · 2 months ago
Kara: Can you keep a secret?
Lena: *longingly looks at Kara* Yes I ...
Alex: No she can't
Lena: yes I can
Alex: ha, don't make me laugh.
Lena: I've been in the closet way longer than you Danvers
Alex: If by closet you mean buying my sister, flowers, a company, food, made her a new outfit. Sure we can pretend that's a closet.
Kara: This is serious. I dont need Lena to prove just how good of a friend she is.
Lena: Ha! Case in point, still in the closet if she doesn't know!
Kara: So does no one want to know my secret!?
Alex: sure what is it?
Kara: I think I might be a hufflepuff
Alex:*burst out laughing*
Lena: awe its ok, let's go have a cuddle, that should help you feel better
Kara: thanks you are such a good friend
Alex: in the closet my ass
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arrowverse-bs · 11 months ago
Lena: Does anyone have a flashlight?
Kara: You’re the only light I need.
Alex: Kara we can’t fucking see.
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