#incorrect tcw quotes
sithzuko · 2 days ago
anakin, over text: turn around :)
anakin: no, the other way
anakin: wrong way again
obi-wan: where are you?!
anakin: in my room, but the idea of you turning around aimlessly in circles amuses me
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incorrectdisasterlineage · 5 months ago
anakin: don’t come back to our place.
ahsoka: why?
anakin: obi-wan is passive aggressively doing the dishes he asked me to do six hours ago. it isn't safe here anymore.
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hacked-wtsdz · 2 months ago
Rex: alright, men, weekend security brief:
Rex: do not add to the population
Rex: do not subtract to the population
Rex: stay out of the hospital, the HoloNet and jail
Rex: if you do end up in jail, establish dominance quickly
Rex: all of this applies to everybody without exception
Rex: and to General Skywalker especially
Anakin, under his breath: Padme won’t see it that way
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hecckyeah · 9 months ago
obi-wan: we need to talk about your maturity
anakin, standing on the briefing table with ahsoka, rex, fives, echo, and r2d2: bold words from someone who's standing in lava
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dailyswincorrectquotes · 10 months ago
Cody, tending to Obi-Wan's wounds: How would you rate your pain?
Obi-Wan: Zero stars. Would NOT recommend.
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heidiss · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My kid!AU where Anakin, Ahsoka and Rex for some reason turned to kids...
...and Obi-Wan with 501st and others trying to do sth about it.
When it comes to fighting, none of them panic, but kids... Just poor Fives' nerves.
Tumblr media
Kix: Fives, calm down, it was a baby fang and YEAH, she has fangs, she's freaking togruta, Fives!
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nintenderniere · a month ago
Rex: good morning General, I- Uh, what are you doing?
Anakin, nonchalantly with his metal hand in the freezer: oh it’s nothing, *gayly flicks flesh hand* don’t worry about it Rex
Obi-Wan: *walks in with Cody*
Anakin: Ah, Master! There you are! Come here :)
Obi-Wan, backing away slowly: … no
Anakin: just come here :))
Cody @ Rex: what’s happening?
Rex: I have absolutely no clue
Obi-Wan, stumbling back: no- NO I know what you’re going to do you’re going to put your damn metal hand on my face- *gives up and just runs out of the room*
Anakin, running after him with his hand outstretched: come HERE OBI-WAN
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mrs-perfectly-fine · 6 months ago
Cody, surprised: Oh, do you believe in ghosts, General?
Obi Wan: I do, Commander. But more importantly, I believe they need to believe in themselves.
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obiwandaddykenobi · 8 months ago
Anakin, at Obi-Wan's funeral: I need a moment with him.
Everyone: Of course. *They leave*
Anakin, leaning over Obi-Wan’s coffin: Okay, listen here you little shit. I know you’re not dead.
Obi-Wan cracking an eye open: Obviously.
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seaottersuns · 5 months ago
*Yoda and Obi wan during a galaxy wide war*
Obi: I’m really worried about Anakin… He just lost his arm and his mother died in his arms right before that… how can we help him get through this?
Yoda: Ready to raise a child he is. 
Obi: What? He was just knighted and is currently an emotional wreck! 
Yoda: Hear me out you must. Learn to let go, he must- a padawan, this will fulfill. 
Obi: Ok… well I just know Anakin would say something like “a padawan will only slow me now.” Where on earth will we find a youngling who can keep up with him?! 
Walks by the sparing room to see a small togratan girl kicking 3 older padawans butts, exuding pure chaotic energy, and yelling “Who’s next?!”
Obi: *staring in disbelief* Never mind. It is the will of the force. 
Really though… Ahsoka must have been at the top of her class. Like she was picked to be The Chosen One™’s apprentice… 
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genderfluidbitch · 7 months ago
Obi wan: Do you want me to seduce the bad guys?
Cody: How would that help?
Obi wan: I don’t know. I just want to see if I could do it.
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sithzuko · 3 months ago
obi-wan: i don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time
anakin: [cracking his knuckles]
anakin: manslaughter it is
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incorrectdisasterlineage · 6 months ago
anakin: on a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain? 
obi-wan: pi. 
obi-wan: low-scale but never-ending. 
anakin: are you okay?
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hacked-wtsdz · 5 months ago
Ahsoka: common sense is overrated
Anakin: and so is mental health
Anakin and Ahsoka: *high five*
Obi-Wan: why is anybody still surprised by your mission reports again?
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hecckyeah · 8 months ago
jesse: you're not a soldier, you're a medic
kix: I'm an army medic, which means I can break every bone in your body while naming them
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dailyswincorrectquotes · 9 months ago
Some CG Trooper: You're receiving a ticket for having three people on one speederbike.
Fives: shit
Echo: wait, three?
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heidiss · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Anakin, for Force's sake, put this thing away, we have to work!"
Okay, I guess I've watched too much fancams where there're shown Ahsoka and Obi-Wan parallels. Too much.
I also remembered that Maul's phrase and I was like "shit I wanna draw smth about it". And that's how this thing happened. I dunno why Snapchat, I dunno why I've done, IT'S JUST EXIST NOW ALRIGHT?
And yeah, Anakin Skywalker changes his profile picture every month, every week, every day and every moment of his life, I said what I said
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buzzy0292 · 2 months ago
I’m pretty sure someone has done this before.... but like in AoTC where Obi-wan is like “this weapon is your life” to Anakin I had a sudden thought.
*Ahsoka who has two lightsabers now
Obi-Wan:  This weapon is your life Ahsoka: Yeah that’s why I have two of them, I have more lives... Obi-Wan: Sighs
*Anakin laughing in the distance
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incorrectdisasterlineage · 10 months ago
obi-wan, seeing a big pile of trash: big.......
obi-wan, looks at ahsoka: .....mood??? 
ahsoka, beaming: 
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incorrectdisasterlineage · 7 months ago
anakin: i just had to bail ahsoka out of jail
obi-wan, having vivid flashbacks to both his own youth and anakin’s teenage years: is this our lineage’s rite of passage? is this who we are?
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