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#incorrect tfatws
patroclusdefencesquad · 3 months ago
zemo, watching bucky fight in the bar : do you think you could take him?
sam : yea
sam : oh you mean fight
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sunbaks · 3 months ago
how that conversation really went
bucky: oh man 😔 i guess i have no choice but to stay at a hotel tonight 😢🙄 sure would be a shame if a hot guy offered for me to stay on his couch 😳👀
sam: ...
bucky: sure would be a shame 😔👀
sam: oh for god's sake-
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spideyjlaw · 4 months ago
bucky: i would stab you right now but, unfortunately my therapist said no
Tumblr media
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incorrect-fandom-quotes · 3 months ago
Zemo: there is only one thing worse than taking the serum
Zemo: * tears off paper above taking the serum so now the board says "Walker taking the serum" *
Bucky: Walker
Zemo: yes
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red-lipstick-bisexual · 4 months ago
Listen, I get the Bucky hype. We waited for years for him to have more than 10 lines and actual character development.
I understand sipping Broken White Boi Simp juice, hell I drink it myself daily
But we have BRILLIANT Sam Wilson, who is funny, kind hearted, wonderful character, who fights racism, problems after the Snap, being an Avenger, his family situation like
Please let's give Anthony Mackie and his amazing character the credit he deserves, because it fucking breaks my heart every time I remember him saying that he's used to being over looked.
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sunflowersandstardust · 4 months ago
The government: fuck Sam Wilson
Bucky: I’m tryinggg
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