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#incorrect the owl house
Eda: You scored a 25/27 on your mental health questionnaire.
Amity: So that means I'm good at mental health, right?
[Luz enters the room]
Amity: Ah, beans.
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incorrectlumityquotes · 5 months ago
Alador: Amity, get that ugly thing off the terrace.
Amity: Mom! Dad wants you off the terrace.
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the-goodwitch-azura · 10 months ago
King: If the opposite of "pro" is "con"
Luz: ...and the opposite of "progress" is "congress"...
Eda: ...then the opposite of "constitution-"
Lilith: Let me stop you three right there.
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na-na-namine · a year ago
Edric: Awkward sibling hug?
Emira: Awkward sibling hug.
Edric and Emira: *hugging* PAT PAT.
Edric: Awkward sibling hug?
Amity: No.
Emira: Awkward sibling hug!
Amity: No!
Edric and Emira: *smothering Amity* PAT PAT.
Amity: *angry Mitten noises*
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artistkun · a year ago
Luz: any cute things to call your girlfriend?
Boscha: sugar.
Eda: honey.
Emira: flour.
Boscha: egg.
Eda: 1/2 lb butter.
Emira: stir.
Boscha: pour into a pan.
Eda: preheat to three fifty degrees.
Luz, packing her bag: so, the portal to the human realm is in Eda's room. i'll just come back next year—
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starsfic · 4 months ago
Luz: Wait, you like me? For my personality?
Amity: I know, I was surprised too.
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froggone-it · a year ago
Amity: Um... it’s really dark in here...
Luz: Don’t worry babe, I got this
Luz: *stomps her foot*
Luz: *sketchers light up*
Luz, all smug and proud: See? Like I said I’ve got this all under contro—
Amity, gasping: You can do light spells with your FEET now?? That’s incredible Luz how did you do that??
Luz: wut
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uhgivemeahint · a year ago
Edric to emira in their room: do you think amity might be gay?
*little miss perfect plays muted in the background for the 50th time*
Emira: take a fucking guess
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itneedsmoregays · 5 days ago
Luz: Amity, can you close your eyes for me?
Amity: Uh, okay? (does so)
Luz: Tell me, what do you see?
Amity: Nothing.
Luz: That's my world without you.
Amity: (intense blushing)
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notbadyetsadboi · 7 days ago
After Hunter move into The Owl House
Luz: Is Hunter sleeping or dead?
Amity: Hopefully dead, I hate his guts.
King: Yeah, so do I
Hunter: Ok, first of all, f**k you-
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Eda: Guess what number I’m thinking of.
Raine: 420?
Eda: No, that’s really immature of you. Someone else guess, and please take this seriously.
Lilith tiredly: 69.
Eda: Yeah it was 69.
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Amity, upon entering the Owl House: Excuse me, who’s in charge here?
Luz, shrugging: Usually it’s whoever yells the loudest.
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incorrectlumityquotes · 10 months ago
Eda: That’s ridiculous. I’ll bet you twenty snails that it does not feel good to give.
Luz: You are on, my cynical friend.
Eda: Okay to settle the question give me forty snails and tell me if it feels good.
Luz: That wouldn’t feel good.
Eda: Okay then give me twenty snails because you just lost the bet.
Luz: Did I just make a bet that would cost me twenty snails whether I won or not?
Eda: Yes but you also got to help someone more fortunate than yourself.
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Luz: What are you writing?
Eda: The government wants to know what kind of weapons we have in the house. I'm letting them know it's private information.
Luz, looking over Eda's shoulder: This just says "Fuck around and find out" in calligraphy.
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na-na-namine · a year ago
Boscha: Ugh, what does Amity see in you?
Luz: A witch! With a dark side.
Amity: *crying* She’s so dumb, I love her
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artistkun · a year ago
Viney: [Carrying Emira bridal-style and talking calmly to her]
Luz: [Sprints past them, being chased by a screeching demon while carrying Amity over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes]
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starsfic · 3 months ago
Emperor Belos, to Kikimora while making Hunter: The term 'laws of science' implies the existence of science crimes
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froggone-it · a year ago
Viney: Emira, I’m cold
Emira: Oh here, take my jacket
Viney: I love you
Amity, watching this unfold: *is inspired*
Amity, shyly: Um, Luz...I-I’m getting kinda cold to—
Luz, immediately whipping out a scrap piece of paper and conjuring up the fire spell she literally just learned how to do: NOT ON MY WATCH
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hootsiferunhinged · a month ago
Luz: I’m too young to die!
Eda: I’m not, but I still don’t wanna!
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