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#incorrect the umbrella academy

Klaus, sleep deprived and wishing he was dead: five honey i love you but please stop grinning while swinging a bloody axe around its making it very hard to pass you of as an actual child

Five: this one has a nice weight! it will probably be easier for my younger body to use when they attack us.

Klaus: we’re in walmart you’re scaring the employees

Five: *continuing to swing it around*

Klaus: fivey they work in retail haven’t they been through enough

Five: *spots the shovels*

Klaus: five please.

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Klaus: Diego just texted me back "lmao" from the other room.
Klaus: I hear no laughing. No ass hitting the floor.
Klaus: I've been friends with a laugh liar for thirty years.
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Klaus: My husband and I have totally different styles. When Dave walks down the street, he does not give a shit what anyone thinks of him in any situation. He’s my hero. When I walk down the street, I need everybody, all day long, to like me so much. It’s exhausting.

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