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#incorrect the umbrella academy quotes

Allison: so, describe your perfect night

Vanya: well they’d definitely have very shiny armor-

Allison: no I mean like,,, at night

Vanya: oh well at night they would take the armor off of course.

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Klaus, sleep deprived and wishing he was dead: five honey i love you but please stop grinning while swinging a bloody axe around its making it very hard to pass you of as an actual child

Five: this one has a nice weight! it will probably be easier for my younger body to use when they attack us.

Klaus: we’re in walmart you’re scaring the employees

Five: *continuing to swing it around*

Klaus: fivey they work in retail haven’t they been through enough

Five: *spots the shovels*

Klaus: five please.

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i feel like a completely underrated tua moment is when vanya first walks in on the family meeting and if you pay attention you can hear what everybody was saying before and it was literally something like

allison: we all die?

luther: everybody dies

allison: everybody in the house dies????

luther: no no, everybody outside the house dies

luther, making frantic hand motions: everybody inside and outside the house dies

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Klaus: My husband and I have totally different styles. When Dave walks down the street, he does not give a shit what anyone thinks of him in any situation. He’s my hero. When I walk down the street, I need everybody, all day long, to like me so much. It’s exhausting.

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