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dawnlovesquotes 2 days ago
Tim: *accidentally starts a fire in the bat cave* OH NO.
Damian: *sarcastically* You are SO dead, Timothy.
Dick: Where's Bruce?? No, where's Alfred?!
Tim: He's on vacation!
Dick: *panicking* Then where's Bruce?!
Damian: *calmly* He's sleeping.
Dick: Hand me a bucket of water, fast!
Dick: *pouring the water on Bruce* WAKE UP, THE CAVE'S ON FIRE!!!
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batshitferalquotes 2 months ago
Therapist: On a scale from 1-10, rate your pain.
Tim: pi, a minimal but a never ending number.
Therapist: What the actual f*ck.
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nananabatfam 4 months ago
Jason: You can鈥檛 make everyone like you. You鈥檙e not Goldie.
Tim: What? Not everyone likes Dick.
Jason: What? Who doesn鈥檛 like Dick?
Tim: Um-
Jason: Names, Tim. I need names.
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incorrect-waynemanor a month ago
tim: i鈥檓 going to get some fresh air
jason: yeah whatever
bruce: where鈥檚 tim?
jason: he said he wanted some fresh air
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theundeadrobinclub a month ago
Jason: Tim, do you think you're tall enough to play basketball?
Tim, venomously: did you just call me short?
Jason: no, more like I insinuated you're... vertically challenged.
*2 hours later*
Dick: has anyone seen Jason?
Tim, grumbling while typing furiously in a laptop: 'vertically challenged,' I'll show him vertically challenged.
Damian: Jason has gone into hiding because he called Tim short and now Tim is trying to find ways to take a foot off of Jason's height.
Dick: Tim, let's not try and take chunks out of our siblings, yeah?
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queenofskunks 3 months ago
Dick: I think if I was a drink I'd be Cherry Vanilla Coke! What would you guys be?
Damian: Bleach.
Jason: Sewage.
Tim: Calm down, edgelords.
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Jason: Ew, what kind of tea is this???
Tim: I boiled Gatorade.
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clamityganon a year ago
Bruce: Would you jump off a bridge if the Team pressured you into doing it?
Tim: Bruce, with all due respect, my mother gave birth to a leader. An innovator. A pioneer.
Tim: I鈥檓 the first one off the fucking bridge
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advena-perditus 3 months ago
Tim: I just get crazier and crazier every day I'm with you!
Jason: I have that effect on humans. I just make people-
Tim: I just become more and more-
Jason and Tim in unison: mentally unstable
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timdrake-yumm 2 months ago
Tim: How do you feel?
Dick: I feel great Tim! Thanks for ask-
Tim: No, like, how do you feel?
Dick: ?
Tim: Is there an on switch? Do I need to request a feeling? Is it given to you? Do I have to unlock it via some side quest? Is it something you eat? How do you do it?
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frostbittenbucky 8 months ago
Snowball fight at Wayne manor. Everyone is wearing brightly colored or black winter jackets, the entire yard is bright white
Bruce, wearing all black, obviously: 鈥渦se the light parts of your outfits to blend into your surroundings鈥
Dick: 鈥渓ike use the dark parts of the Robin uniform to blend into the darkness? Look B-鈥
Damian: *looking around* 鈥渇ather?鈥
Tim: *searching the ground for tracks* 鈥渦mm guys, did uncle Clark snatch up Bruce?鈥
Snowball smacks into Dick鈥檚 head
Dick: 鈥渨hat the hell?!鈥
Jason: 鈥渇orm a circle! He can鈥檛 get us if we鈥檙e watching from all angles!鈥
Bruce: *ready to get revenge for all the bullshit they pull*
Bruce: *whispering in a mocking tone* 鈥測ou鈥檙e getting old Bruce, we can hear your knees a mile away Bruce鈥
Snowball hits the side of Tim鈥檚 head, another hits Damian鈥檚 abdomen. Damian falls dramatically on the snow
Dick: *crouching next to Damian* 鈥淣o! Not the boy!鈥
Jason: *whispers* 鈥渙h god... he鈥檚 hunting us鈥
Tim: *glaring at Dick* 鈥済uess I鈥檒l go fuck myself,鈥 *walks away from the circle* 鈥渨here you at, B? I鈥檓 joining your team鈥
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batshitferalquotes 2 months ago
Damian: Did you seriously bring a butter knife to this fight?!
Tim: You get angry so fast, it was the only weapon I could find on such short notice!
Dick: But you know, you have to admit it is BUTTER than nothing.
Damian: ...
Tim: ...
Dick: I'm sorry.
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nananabatfam 4 months ago
Damian: *sets the kitchen on fire*
Tim, panicking: Where鈥檚 the responsible adult ??
Damian: He鈥檚 asleep on the couch.
Jason: Don鈥檛 worry guys, I got this. Hand me a bucket of water.
Jason: *dumps water on Dick* wake up dumbass, the kitchen鈥檚 on fire.
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incorrect-waynemanor a month ago
dick: you disgust me
tim, eating a kit-kat vertically: i know and i don't care
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theundeadrobinclub a month ago
Jason: yo did you like the food I made?
Tim, trolling: no, it was horrible.
Jason, not realizing Tim was trolling: what the fuck? it took so long to make, and I practically had to shove my fucking soul into it for it to turn out that well!
Tim, seeing the perfect opportunity: ah, that must be why it tastes dead then.
Jason, putting him in a headlock: you take that back, dipshit!
Tim: never, you bitch!
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jasonsthunderthighs 9 days ago
Jason: *Flicks his lighter near Tim's hand for a second*
Tim: *Doesn't flinch and looks at him*
Jason: Why didn't you flinch???
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mr-crimefrog 2 months ago
Tim, having consumed enough caffeine to kill four cows and hanging from the banister: G鈧抎 岬⑩倹 d鈧戔倫d. 岬 鈧栣耽鈧椻倵鈧慸 T鈧曗倯鈧.
Dick, coming in from patrol: W h a t t h e f u c k
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Damian: Shouldn't we be taking out the trash?
Tim: Hold on, hold on. I have to moan about it on Gotham Plus first.
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advena-perditus 3 months ago
We brush with death so often we gotta start giving them high fives as we pass
-Dick to Tim
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clamityganon a year ago
Jason: Let鈥檚 play two truths one lie
Dick: Okay!
Dick: My eyes are pale gray, I can do acrobatic tricks, and I once beat the Joker to death
Jason: Okay so you get the idea, but you should really try to make this harder
Tim, walking by: His eyes are pale blue
Jason: You wHAT鈥
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