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#incorrect tmnt quotes
Leo: Raph isn’t answering his T-Phone.
Donnie: I’ll call him.
Leo: Mikey and I have both tried six times each. What makes you thi-
Raph, answering his T-Phone: Hey, Donnie.
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*April and Karai watching (y/n) fight the tmnt boys*
April: I could fix her… 🥺
Karai: oh yeah? Well I except her as is. You don’t like the murderer ? grow up. The atrocities shes committed are apart of her. And I’ve decided they’re funny
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mytheoristavenue · 26 days ago
TMNT 2012 Donatello x Reader-Dumpling
You are Murakami-San’s neice, hired to help him in his noodle shop, and you get to meet a few special friends of his.
“(Y/N), make sure you prep the dough for tonight, I have a feeling business will pick up substantually.” Your uncle smiled, calling to you from the dining room. You sighed heavily. The noodle shop used to be so popular, but ever since the Purple Dragons started harrassing your uncle, things just haven’t been the same. With Murakami’s health steadily declining, your father sent you to live with him, hoping you could keep his clumsiness to a minimum. 
“Yes, uncle.” You called back, retying your apron before taking a bowl of resting dough from the fridge to knead it. After the pale lump was beat down enough, you divided it into halfs, one to be rolled into fresh noodles, and one to be condensed into gyoza wrappers. After both were fully prepped, you cleaned up your stations, checking to make sure you had all you needed to power through the probably non-existant dinner rush your uncle was expecting. Knowing you were all set, you took out a pair of earbuds, connecting them to your phone, playing music as you settled down to wash the few dishes you’d rakced up.
A bit into your washing, your current song ended, pausing your playlist. As you pulled your phone out of your pocket to resume the next song, you noticed some odd background noise that you hadn’t heard before. It almost sounded like...groaning? Your brow cocked as you removed your earbuds, and set your phone down on the counter, heading to the dining room to check on Murakami. “Uncle? Are you okay?”
Rounding the corner, you froze, immediately recognizing the three men in the dining room. The Purple Dragons. The leader of the pack looked over your uncle with the collar of his shirt in his fist as he lay defenseless. “Look, old man, just give us what you owe, and we won’t have to hurt you...more.” He snickered, prompting his goons to join it.
“Hey! Why don’t you pick on someone that can actually defend themselves?” You shouted, arming yourself with a wok that hung just inside the threshold of the kitchen. 
“Like who? You? Listen, girlie, you don’t want to be caught up in this, and since im feelin’ nice, I’ll give you one chance to leave now.” Fong said, smirking.
“(Y/N), please, go. I will be alright.” Murakami begged, trying and failing to lift himself up.
“No, uncle. I won’t leave you!” You protested, your eyes squinting with determined fury.
“Suit yourself.” Almost instantly, Fong’s attention was on you, him closing in on you while the other two men cornered your uncle. Suddenly, the large glass window facing the street shattered, giving way to a group of, well you didn’t know exactly, but they took the Purple Dragon’s heat from the two of you, and for that, you were grateful. You hurried over to your uncle, slinging his arm over your shoulder and craining him to his feet before leading him to the kitchen, locking the two of you in the kitchen. Leaning him against the wall, and setting him on the floor, you instantly got to work barracading yourselves in by throwing sacks of flour in fround of the door. After you felt safe enoguh, you grabbed the biggest kitchen knife you could find and sat beside your uncle, ready for someone to break through at any second. 
After some time, the noise died down, comotion bubbling down into quiet chatter. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, making you jump. “Go away, I have a knife! I-I’ll cut you!”
An irritated voice from the other side, with a more aggressive knock. “So will we if you don’t let us in.”
The threatening voice was hushed in favor of a calmer, more comforting one. “Come on out, it’s safe now, we promise.”
“You just threatened us! How is that safe?” you fired back, gripping the handle of your knife tighter. 
“(Y/N), my dear, open the door, these are good friends of mine.” Murakami gave you a reassuming smile, and patted your shoulder. Hesitently, you stood and began tossing the floud away from the door, and back into the corner it usually sat in. 
Rasing your hand to twist the lock, you gave a warning to the people on the other side. “O-Ok, I’m unlocking the door, don’t try anything, I still have a knife.” Slowly you released the lock and twisted the knob before gently pulling on the door. On the other side stood four things waiting for your permission to enter. Your jaw dropped to the floor. 
“Ah, turtles, it is nice to meet you again.” Your uncle grinned, as he began to rise, with the help of one of them. “We are so grateful for your help on such short notice.”
“Your employee here doesn’t seem too grateful.” One with a red mask scoffed.
“You must excuse my neice, she has yet to meet a mutant.” 
“A mutant?!” you exclaimed, perhaps a bit louder than you meant to, but your shock was still standing. The blue clad turtle cleared his throat, stepping in front of the others, and extending his hand for you to shake. 
“Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Leo, this is Raph, Mickey, and Donnie. We’re mutant turtles who have dedicated our lives to ninjitsu.” He explained, gesturing to himself, before the rest of the group. You couldn’t help feel like this was somewhat rehearsed, but you chose not to acknowledge that.
“’re turtle...mutant...ninjas?” you asked, trying to wrap your head around it all. The one in orange, ‘Mikey’, piped up.
“Oh, and we’re teenagers!” The red one, ‘Raph’, rolled his eyes, and slapped his palm over Mikey’s mouth, dragging him back behind Leo.
“Something like that.”
“Well,” Murakami began, “Now that we are all aquainted, why don’t you boys have a seat at the bar, while I whip you up something to eat? (Y/N), tend to the turtles in the meantime.” You nodded, following the four out of the kitchen, and seating them at the bar before taking their drink orders. After returning with their respective glasses, you pulled up a stool on your side of the bar. 
“So, what’s it like being teenage mutant ninja turtles?”
“Oh man, it’s the best! We get to fight bad guys and kick butt all day long!” Mikey chimed in. 
“He’s right, crushing skulls is always the best thearapy.” Raph added.
“But it’s not all fun and games.” Leo began. “We really have trained our whole lives. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to do what we do.”
“Sounds pretty rough, to be honest. You don’t ever get to go to school or do anything fun?” you asked, retreiving a drink for yourself. 
“From time to time. We’ve got tv and video games to keep us entertained when we’re not training. And school’s kinda outta the question when you look like us.” Leo answered, finishing his drink. You refilled it before turning to Donnie, noticing his drink empty as well.
“Want a refill?” He simply gave you a blank stare, almost as if he was looking through you instead of at you, though his gaze followed you movement. “Donnie?” Suddenly he seemed to snap back to reality, shaking his head.
“Did you want a refill on your soda?”
“O-Oh, um, yeah, thanks.” he mumbled, sliding you his glass. 
“I’m sorry I let you go empty for so long, just let me know when your low and I’ll fill you up.” you smiled at him, sensing his bashfullness and trying to loosen him up a bit.
“Fill me up with what?” he asked, seemingly in a daze, pink dusting his cheeks.
“Huh?” your brow cocked, as you spun back to him, having been on your way to the soda machine.
“What?” he asked, hoping that pretending to not realize you said anything would make you leave him alone. He wasn’t sure what about you made him so nervous, after all you were just a girl.
“Anyway,” you spun back on your heels. “While I refill your drinks, I’m gonna check on your food.”
As soon as you were out of sight, the turtles all gravitated to their brother like screws to a magnet. 
“Dude! You totally like her!” Leo chcukled, punching his arm. 
“It’s about time you take interest in someone else other than April!” Raph joked, slinging an arm around Donnie’s neck, nudging his fist into his head. 
“Bro you should totally flirt with her! She’d eat it right up!” Mikey encouraged, leaning over the counter in an effort to be seen. 
“What? You guys, come on, I do not like her, and even if I did, I don’t even know how to flirt.” Donnie protested, pushing his brothers away and rolling his eyes.
“Tell her she’s beautiful, like a crisp white moonflower blossoming under a blanket of stars.” Leo suggested, nudging his brother and scanning his hand out in front of him.
“Tell her you wanna study her body like a roadmap.” Raph smirked. 
“Ooh, ooh, give her a cheesey pick up line to make her laugh! I never fails!” Mickey squealed, desperate to have his choice picked. 
“Well, supposing I say anything to her at all, Leo’s is creepy considering I just met her, and Raph’s is boarderline sexual harrassment, so I guess a pick up line would be the most logical choice. But I don’t know any.”
“Ooh, do one about noodles! Wait, no, dumplings! How about, ‘Hey girl, are you a dumpling cuz-”
Just then, you swiveled out of the kitchen, carrying two trays, startling the boys back into their chairs. “Out of everything on our menu, I can’t understand why you guys prefer motzerella, tomato sauce, and pepperoni in your gyoza.” You chuckled, lowering yourself to serve each turtle their own platter. 
“Yo girl, have you even tried pizza gyoza? It’s the bomb dot com.” Mikey laughed, trying to shove one into your face. You nudged his chopsticks away with your finger. 
“I think I’ll pass.” you giggled, sitting back on your stool and serving yourself a bowl of fried rice before Leo cleared his throat.
“So, (Y/N), I think Donnie had something he wanted to say.” Donnie gasped, making himself choke on a dumpling. You rushed over to his air, laying a hand on his, asking if he was ok, and advising that he take a drink. 
“I-I’m fine, uh thanks though.” he calmed his coughing fit, smiling shyly. 
“So what did you need, more soda?”
Donnie averted his eyes as his brother’s tuned in. “U-Uh, no. Um, are you a dumpling, because you’ good?” You stared blankly at him, unsure of what he meant or what to say. “I-I mean, good looking? Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Um, because, you’re really sweet?” Finally he gave up, pushing his platter away, and laying his head on the table, covering it with his hands. “Ok, I’ll just die now.”
There was an air of silence in the restraunt, which was broken up by the osund of you giggling. “Oh my gosh, Donnie, you’re so cute.” His head perked up, eyes wide. 
“I am?” You nodded, still giggling a bit.
“I don’t think you were talking about sweet dumplings witht that pick up line, but I’m okay with being one for you.” you said, taking a napkin and a pen, writing your sell phone number on it before sliding it to him. “Listen, I’ve gotta finish my work for tonight, but you should call me tonight. It’ll give you time to come up with better lines.” you said, collecting a few dirty dishes, tossing him a wink before heading back to the kitchen. 
“Y-Yeah, I’ll call you! For sure!”
Later that night
“H-Hey, this is Donnie. Is this (Y/N)?”
“Hey Don, and it’s Dumpling to you, go it?”
“Got it!”
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Idk if you’re taking head canon request but if so, can we get hc’s of how the guys are when it comes to relationships (boyfriend duties, cute shit, etc)
Gotta give my boys some love here 🥰
TMNT Headcanons
The boys in a relationship
Tumblr media
Compliments 24/7
Like this man will never shut up about how amazing you are
Knows all of your interests and will try certain hobbies of yours out even if he doesn't particularly enjoy them
Loves doing domestic things with you, cooking for the others, cleaning, watching tv etc...
If he's meditating you're usually with him, napping, meditation has never been your thing
(you are trying to teach yourself though)
If you're in the lair reading by yourself you best bet he's lying down next to you to either try and cuddle you or to mindlessly stare at the ceiling until you finish your chapter
Your dates usually consist of dinner (normally your choice) and a movie he hasn't seen before
It's cute watching his face light up in excitement
You'll spend an ungodly amount of time talking about history and he loves to ramble about Japanese folklore
Got cramps? Had a bad day?
Your man is making you tea and offering you one of three things-
He thinks it's cute when you want all three
Always comes to you to talk him down after a fight with his brothers, he always thanks you profusely for listening
Appreciates any advice that you offer and is grateful that you're able to keep him in check
Likes watching the sunset with you
Calls you babe, honey, aisuru, Cheese puff (it's a long story)
Never stops talking about you
Definitely said I love you after watching you cuss out the toaster for burning your bagel
Tumblr media
Ever met a socially awkward, hopelessly romantic nerd?
Hope you said yes if this man is your boyfriend
Rambles constantly about what a cool person you are
Blushes after every compliment he gives you, especially if you return it
Tries to be assertive when planning dates but always ends up stuttering in a panic
Still finds it hard to believe that you're with him
Very self conscious but he knows you love him
Has your favorite color, flower, song, and bird memorized
Encourages you to be confident in your own intelligence, he knows you're smart and he wants you to embrace that
Will make you watch Star Wars with him
If he's upset about something and doesn't want to talk or think about it you'll purposefully mix up Star Wars and Star Trek
By the time he finishes ranting about the lack of similarities he's forgotten what he was so upset about in the first place
If you're upset he asks you to solve a math problem with him
He knows you can't be angry when you're thinking
Definitely built a projector to watch movies on something larger than a laptop
Likes to bake with you
I mean it's basically science, right?
Still messes up the lattices on the pies but he does his best every time
The two of you will nap together and often just sit in silence and think
You're very comfortable in each other's presence
You said I love you first and he was so surprised he bit his own tongue
Tumblr media
Treats you like a romantic partner and his best friend
Will call you a stunning, wonderful angel and batista bomb you into the couch within a thirty second timespan
Never seen a certain movie? Damn, guess you're watching it
Haven't tried a certain food? He's making it for you and unless you ask him reallllly nicely he won't let you assist
Lets you taste everything he makes first and asks your input on things he should add
Consults you on his art pieces
When he needs inspiration you're his muse
Dates are usually game nights at your place, pizza is ordered and way too much sugar is consumed
You both crash from your sugar high and sleep in until 3pm the next day
Tries to teach you how to skateboard
Stops after the first "lesson" because you broke your wrist trying to balance
You decided you'd stick to roller skates
He's not much for reading but he does know all of your favorite books
Just like how you know all of his favorite martial arts movies
Loves it when you encourage him to follow his interests
Is glad that when the two of you fight you're able to keep a level head and are willing to explain what he did wrong instead of letting him assume the worst
Pretty sure the boy has ADHD and since I've got it I know what that feels like and it sucks
Has no idea what you're favorite color is but does know that you love bumblebees and are disappointed that they aren't as soft and fluffy as they look
You both said I love you at the same time after kicking absolute ass in a COD lobby
Totally have a secret handshake
Tumblr media
Very much plays the facade of the big strong and stoic boyfriend
But behind closed doors he really is a big teddy bear
Always has to be touching you somehow, he likes having you sleep on his plastron when you spend the night so he doesn't worry about squishing you
He loves your confidence and mentions it often
Gets super pumped up when you ask him to teach you some moves
Enjoys quiet moments with you, little pockets of peace in his hectic life
Knows your favorite color, yellow, and favorite soda, grape
Can and will wrestle with you when you have an argument
Loves that you calm him down when he's upset and talk him through what he's feeling
You will stand up for him to anyone
And God help anyone who bad mouths you
Dates are usually watching action movies at the lair when you have it to yourselves, or if you have the chance to watch them at your place
Tries every new food you throw at him, man's has a caloric intake of five horses
And food in the fridge that isn't labeled will be gone if he finds it
Steals your sweaters whenever you leave the state for vacations or holidays
Will miss you loads while you're away and text you often to make sure you're safe
Said I love you first like it was nothing then vibrated into the next dimension when you said it back
Calls you babes, Nugget, shorty
I had a lot of fun writing this, made me all smiley and shit 🥰
Hope you enjoy!
-Mars 🌠
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fabuloustrash05 · 5 months ago
[Right after Splinter made Leo the new leader]
Donnie, to Splinter: You’re leaving us in the hands of...
Donnie, gesturing to Leo: HIM?!
Donnie, to Leo: No offense.
Leo: No, I’m with you!
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Mikey: Dad! Leo and Raph are fighting again!
Leo: we're not having a fight we're having a discussion
Raph: It's a fight
Leo: it's not a fight it's a discussion!
Donnie: you guys are really having a fight about having a fight?!
Tumblr media
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oxygen-stealer · 2 months ago
April shitpost inspired by @incorrect-tmnt2012-quotes
Tumblr media
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greenmonstercollarbones · 7 months ago
Walking home in the rain today gave me an idea for a little fic so.
Just Let Us Drive You
tmnt x reader
[just friendly]
Tumblr media
You had known the guys for almost a year. In that timespan they had never once drove you home from work. At first you denied to be polite, you liked the walk, but eventually you just became stubborn about it. Everyday the guys would show up at the empty underpass near where you worked asking if you needed a ride. You always denied and sometimes they'd push, sometimes they wouldn't, you think they just do it because it's a fun ritual at this point.
It had been dark for awhile now. It was raining. You felt the cold, wet air. The type that's only felt when it's a rainy day. You had only brought a sweatshirt and no umbrella. You didn't know it was going to rain. On que the familiar yellow and green garbage truck came squealing through. It pulled in front of you and the back opened to reveal a joyful, blue-eyed turtle.
"Ya having fun playing in the rain Angelcakes?" He teased.
"Not really, but it's cool." You reply.
The red clad brother popped up from behind the smaller sibling.
"Yer gonna catch a cold girly."
"No I don't think so. That's not how colds are caught."
"Correct, but the cold will prevent your body from fighting any viruses in your system, so it's better to just stay warm. It's not too late, hop in." The four-eyed brother said from the driver's seat.
"No thank you guys. I can walk."
"But its cold, and raining. You'll get wet." The leader in blue looked back at you from the passenger seat.
"Yeah no shit. It's fine. It's relaxing. I like to walk."
"Dude it's dark out you'll get kidnapped."
"Or mugged."
"Or raped."
"No I will not. I walk every night and I'm always fine."
"It's our civic duty to protect everyone. That includes you. Even if it's just from a cold."
"Thanks but like I said I'm fine."
"Let's just kidnap her."
"Not a bad idea."
"You know what? Yeah, kidnap her if she's not going to comply."
"Excuse me? No, not a good idea. Leo tell them no."
"Go ahead guys, let's bring her home."
Mikey hopped out from the back, followed by Rapheal.
"Wait, wait! I didn't consent to this. I thought you guys stopped crimes not commit them!"
Mikey went to grab you and you backed right into Raph. Being the sneaky ninja he is you didn't even notice he was behind you. He grabs you in a huge bear hug from behind and lifts you into the shellraiser. He casually hands you to Mikey who already has himself comfortably sat. Mikey sat you in his lap as Raph closed the back door of the shellraiser so Donnie the designated driver could start on his way.
"That didn't work out so well for you did it cheeto puff?" Weird nickname given by the one and only Mikester, "What happened to not ever getting kidnapped on your way home?"
"Normally I wouldn't get ambushed by mutant men sorry I didn't take that into account."
"Hey wanna join movie night?" Leo asked you.
"Of course." You smile.
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remmushound · 5 months ago
RiseRaph: I could really hurt someone… I’m a monster…
BayRaph: Boy you fold your socks and have a build-a-bear frequent flier card, Sorry I’m not shaking in my skin
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qillmhi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Donnie isn't having any of that shyzt.
Yep the blep came from here. First time drawing the turtles and man... I fucking nailed Mikey I'm shocked! I might have to do more. Donnie tho cant get this long square face tbh
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Leo: I’m not going to make a fake appointment with a psychiatrist. What would I even say is wrong with me?
Mikey: Low self esteem.
Donnie: Social anxiety.
Raph: Trauma from being leader.
Leo: None of that is true!
April: Denial. See? The list goes on and on.
Leo: But what if I get caught?
Mikey: A fear of failure!
Donnie: Lack of confidence!
Raph: Kind of a wuss!
Leo: Fine! I’ll do it, but not because of them, because I want to help you, April.
April: Thanks, Leo!
Mikey: Push over.
Donnie: Spineless.
Raph: Still hasn’t bought milk even though I told him two days ago!
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incorrect-pizza-kings · 3 months ago
2k12!Raph: You existence is confusing.
2k12!Mikey: How so?
2k12!Raph: Your presence is annoying but the thought of anything bad happening to you upsets me.
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Leo: I’ll pound you like a boy! >:(
Leo: … that - that did not come out right
(Not my original work, credit to the op)
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donniethescienceguy · 7 months ago
Y/n: I’m still trying to figure out why you’re friends with me
Donnie: because you’re sweet and funny
Y/n: Leo says I’m bitter and grumpy so one if you is lying
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Donnie: I have the sharpest memory. Name one time I forgot something
Leo: You forgot me in a Walmart parking lot, like, three weeks ago.
Donnie: That was on purpose. Try again.
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fabuloustrash05 · 25 days ago
Incorrect RaMona Family Quotes Part 21
Frida: Why does mommy wear makeup?
Raph: To look pretty.
Frida: But she’s already pretty!
Mona Lisa: Awww!
Frida: Daddy, you should wear makeup.
Frida belongs to me
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Raph: nobody told you to bring all of those blades..
Leo: and nobody told you to bring that nasty attitude all the time I deal with it..
Tumblr media
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