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#incorrect tog quotes
angrysheeproject · 23 hours ago
While Climbing the Tower
Jahad: You should be addicted to shutting the fuck up
Eduan: You wanna fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid
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starfallkaz · a day ago
Incorrect ToG #26
Lysandra: should we have a Romeo and Juliet moment?
Aedion: yeah sure
Lysandra: What are you doing?
Aedion: I’ve got the poison
Lysandra: I meant the young foolish love kinda thing, you wet rag
Aedion, blinking: oh yeah, that too I guess
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afanpage4books · 2 days ago
Dorian: Everything is going to be alright.
Aelin: How can you say that?
Dorian: Because sometimes when things get tough, denial is all we have.
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jill-8-7 · 3 days ago
Bam: *training shirtless*
Khun: Oh
Khun: Something's rising and it ain't Jesus-
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afanpage4books · 4 days ago
Aelin: I need that bed.
Rowan: Why?
Aelin: Because I need it.
Rowan: Why?
Aelin: Because if someone were to break in here in the middle of the night wanting to murder us, they’d attack this bed first. So, I need that bed.
Rowan: So, you’re saying that you want me to get murdered first? In front of you? And then what would you do? Would you just run away and leave me to bleed out on the floor?
Aelin: That was the plan. I was hoping your screams of agony would alert me to the intruder’s presence so I could escape.
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rhysandsmate-insta · 7 days ago
Lorcan : there are 21 letters in the alphabet.
Elide : no wth are you dumb, there's 26.
Lorcan : oh right, i must have forgotten URAQT
Elide :
Elide : Lorcan, you're 500. You must know the alphabets by now.
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fangirlshrewt97 · 8 days ago
Joe: Do you guys wanna see a card trick?
Nile: Oh, I do.
Joe: Okay, first thing I need is a deck of cards.
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fangirlshrewt97 · 8 days ago
Andy: Wow, I've never been an inspiration before...I don't like this much responsibility.
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fangirlshrewt97 · 8 days ago
Booker: I have found a foolproof method of determining if someone is truly evil
Andy: Which is?
Booker: If they dislike Nile, they’re evil
Andy, nodding her head in agreement: Yeah that makes sense. Then we kill them
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afanpage4books · 8 days ago
-Aelin and Rhysand meeting for the first time-
Rhysand: *screams*
Aelin: *screams louder*
Rowan: Shouldn’t we stop them??
Feyre: No, wait, I wanna see who wins.
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vxlarhys-insta · 12 days ago
Me: I think you should get married.
Dorian: I'm listening. To whom?
Me: What do you mean to whom, obviously Ma-
Dorian: *proposes to Maeve*
Me: -non.
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nivriti · 13 days ago
Lorcan: Love is weakness. It’s an evolutionary mistake.
Rowan: You’re literally making a birthday card for Elide right now.
Lorcan: [pointing a glue gun at him] You’re on thin fucking ice, Whitethorn.
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ireadbooksforaliving · 14 days ago
Elide : who knew getting in trouble would be so difficult?
Yrene : i gotta hand it to you Aelin, you make it look so easy!
Aelin : years of practice.
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rhysandsmate-insta · 16 days ago
Dorian : i want to live in your socks bro.
Chaol : what the heck bro?
Dorian : So i can be with you every step of the way.
Chaol : *tearing up* bro?
Dorian : Bro.
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frogsarebxtches · 19 days ago
Nicky: Be careful when you leave in the morning, it's ass eating season!!!
Nile: Nicky what do you think "ass eating season" means
Nicky: There's frost on the deck! Slippery!!! You'll fall and eat ass
Nile: Who told you that
Andy: ...
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fangirlshrewt97 · 24 days ago
Nicky: Make love and war.
Nile: I don't think that's how the saying goes-
Nicky: *knocks out someone who insulted Joe*
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