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#incorrect tokyo ghoul

Bokuto : What are we watching?

Akaashi : Tokyo Ghoul

Bokuto : * gasp * ThErE’s a gHouL in ToKyo?

Akaashi : It’s just an ani-

Bokuto, realized where he is rn : * another gasp * We aRe iN tOkYo

14 notes

Hide: Guess which one I have feelings for

Kaneki & Touka: (talking to each other in the distance)

Hide: Both, actually

20 notes

Hide, posting on his social media: Reading is just staring at a dead piece of wood for hours and hallucinating

Kaneki, replying: Please delete this

6 notes

Hide: Come on! Hit me! (Gets in a fighting stance)

Kaneki: I’m not going to hit you

Touka: You want me to do it?

Kaneki: (elbows Touka)

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