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#incorrect tony stark
Tony: I have had one hour of sleep. One cheeseburger. Sixteen shots of espresso. And now I’m ready to fight God or die trying.
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frostedwitch · 3 months ago
Peter: Do you think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are real, Mr Stark?
Tony: Probably no-
Peter: Because the thing is they're mutated teenagers, I'm a mutated teenager, they're ninjas and I can do some sick flips, I think we'd get along great.
Tony: ... kid, is this why Karen has told me you've spent the last 3 nights in the sewers?
Peter: I'm going to find them, Mr Stark.
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tincanstark · 2 months ago
Tony, hungover: Please tell me I'm imagining that I claimed I was king of the ducks.
Bucky: I would, but then I would be lying to the King of All Ducks.
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the-man-of-spiders · 5 months ago
Tony: Hey kid you should really read those novels, they’re classics.
Peter: No thanks Mr. Stark, they just seem really long and boring.
Tony: What’s that you’re reading there?
Peter, mumbling: ...a 500K slow burn Star Wars fanfic...
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thatoneguyinthechair · 3 months ago
Peter's Perfect Plan
Tony: I personally don't think we could come up with a crazier plan to defeat Thanos.
Peter: We could drown him in water while he's asleep, and then Mr Loki could use his frost giant powers to completely freeze the water and trap Thanos inside, it will be like a giant Thanos ice sculpture! Then we could give it to Mr Quill and he can tie it to his space ship and fly around with it, asserting the dominance of the Avengers throughout the universe.
Tony: I stand corrected.
Thor: Shhh, let him speak.
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frostedwitch · 3 months ago
Peter: I have my "Spidey Sense" it tells me when I'm in danger.
Tony: I have my "Peter is a Dumbass Sense" it tells me when he's about to die from his own stupidity.
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yes-i-am-happyaspie · 5 months ago
Peter: Can I run inside the gas station and get some gummy worms?
Tony: Sure, kid. Take my card. The PIN's 0810.
Peter: Hey, neat! That's my birthday! What a weird coincidence.
Tony: Right. Of course- Very weird coincidence. Definitely.
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