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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#incorrect tua quotes

Choose your fighter:


I’m a grownup man

- thinks, that every man who’s older than him is his daddy

- still not over his first love

- terrible liar

- awkward smiles in every situation

- always polite



I don’t have daddy issues

- still waiting for his dead dad approval

- fall for a mentally ill woman

- put a knife to your throat, then become your best friend

- threaten an old lady over the phone

- Mom?

- made that machine his BITCH!

- JFK!!!


I don’t need no power

- married, but still in love with her first love

- though but hot

- woman rights

- mom friend

- Still want it all

- can kill you just by words



Destiny’s child

- “my cult makes me claustrophobic”

- 90s R&B fan

- trying to help his closeted lover

- start drinking (HARD) after 3 years of sobriety

- fashion icon

- a broken soul

- has a sugar mommy



Coffee bean

- over all this killing

- an old soul

- haven’t had a good day in the past 45 years

- surrounded by idiots

- haven’t slept in 2 weeks

- doesn’t trust in himself




- done with Destiny’s child bullshit

- in love with someone who doesn’t even know he exists

- lonely

- still in his emo phase

- sarcastic on the outside with a heart of gold

- backstreet boys




- farm nanny

- in love with a married woman

- cutest thing on earth

- most dangerous thing on earth

- believe that all those people are her siblings even tho they don’t even look alike


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i posted this some time ago on pinterest but im now bringing here cause of netflix’s the umbrella academy season 2:

i have a feeling that Vanya only freaked out and exposed the whole family of hers cause Five was not there anymore to show her the support she always deserve and never got for someone else

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Klaus: My foot is hurt though so I can’t help

Diego: Thats typical Klaus for you

Klaus: Whats that supposed to mean?

Diego: Youre always too “injured” to help with anything, remember that time you sat out of a mission because you were sad?

Klaus: I was also cold

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